2 New Netflix Releases This Weekend That Are So Underrated

Outside of the usual batch of new Netflix releases the streamer threw at us over the weekend, some of the newly released titles will stand out and maybe even become favorites, or at least more streamed, than others, depending on who they’re on. looking at. To me, two of the eight titles we’re featuring on Friday are not only top-notch, they’re among the most underrated series on Netflix in recent times: They include a new K-drama, Failureand the third and final season of a wonderful series set in Ireland, derry girls.

2 new Netflix releases to watch

We’ll talk about these two new Netflix titles below, which are worth adding to your must-stream list.


After finishing the second episode of this new 10-episode Netflix release, I was a little hesitant and almost on the verge of giving up. Failure It definitely starts off slow, but stick with it – things pick up speed in Episode 3, with the series dynamic firmly in place.

Set in Seoul, it is a kind of buddy drama that pairs an analytical and upright young woman with her sarcastic and cool opposite. Together they investigate the mystery of the disappearance of the boyfriend of the first woman. They make you believe that he was abducted by aliens, and that one of the two women can actually watch aliens among us, while the other is a believer who loves to pursue these kinds of fringe mysteries.

A scene from the Netflix K-drama “Glitch,” which premiered on October 7. Image Source: Netflix

A new K-drama; two impossible-to-dislike female characters who come together for what basically amounts to going on a quest; foreign; comedy; a religious cult— Failure it has all the makings of a great, compulsive Netflix series. But then again, you have to wait until at least Episode 3 for things to really get going.

derry girls

In the meantime, I’ve found it’s a good rule of thumb to follow that pretty much any streaming title to come out of Ireland is worth at least checking out, if not thoroughly enjoying. It’s not so much a stereotype as it is the sum total of my experience enjoying Irish content, including everything from gang drama. relatives on AMC+ (starring reckless Charlie Cox) to the criminally underrated derry girls on Netflix, not to mention an animated movie like The Banshees of Inisherin starring Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson which hits theaters later this month.

With respect to derry girls: Among the new Netflix releases this past weekend, the streamer gave us the third and final season of this very sweet, very Irish, very F-bomb-laden series that revolves around a core group of high school friends . “While Northern Ireland is growing, this gang of ‘assholes’ certainly won’t anytime soon,” Netflix’s summary teases. Also, “There is hope in the air that The Troubles will finally end.”

“Change may finally be coming to Northern Ireland. But Erin and her friends’ high school struggles show no signs of abating.”

This series makes me want to grab a pint and jump on the first Aer Lingus flight that can go direct to Londonderry. You’ll laugh until your stomach hurts, cry, and eventually come to understand that Netflix series just don’t get any better than this.

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