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Along with Halloween, the Christmas period is the busiest movie season of the year, often producing all-time classics that families around the world can sit down and enjoy together. For many, the festive months are the best opportunity to enjoy heartwarming romantic and wonderful stories that leave audiences feeling cute and tender that is synonymous with Christmas. It’s no surprise then that, in recent years, many production companies have been promoting Christmas as an important period for their films. Netflix is ​​one such production company, capitalizing on the rise of subscription-based platforms combined with the Christmas rush many of us get into in the winter. In recent years, people like The Christmas Chronicles Y Klaus have been undeniable hits for Netflix with fans and critics alike. With that in mind, many often wonder what Netflix’s flagship Christmas movie will be each year, and in May 2021, we learned of a new title hitting screens in Christmas 2022. That title was falling in love with christmasa quintessential Christmas narrative guaranteed to put a seasonal smile on viewers’ faces.


With such a long period of time between announcement and launch, falling in love with christmas it has benefited from a slow release of information that lends itself to a more sustained marketing stint. However, with interest starting to snowball, appropriately enough, as we get closer to the holiday season, more and more fans are eager to learn about the film. Taking all this into consideration, here is a complete rundown of everything we know about falling in love with christmas… so far.

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Netflix released the first official trailer for Falling For Christmas on October 7, 2022 (because it’s never too early for holiday cheer, even during the spookiest month of the year). With an introduction of Lindsay Lohan herself, the trailer is set to a version of “Jingle Bell Rock” sung by Lohan (a song she sang in her most iconic role in Bad Girls). The trailer seems to capture all the charming and heartwarming conventions of the annual Christmas rom-coms that are released every year, with a cute encounter, a quaint little mountainside town, fancy hotels, and a single dad’s love interest. with a precocious child.

Where and when can I watch Falling For Christmas?

As a Netflix original production, it’s no surprise that the film is premiering on Netflix. So far, it looks like this will be the only place to see the film, with no theatrical release announced. The film, to coincide with the Christmas hype, will be available to stream on Netflix on November 10, 2022.

Who is in Falling For Christmas?

The most notable addition to the cast, and often the biggest talking point surrounding the upcoming release, is Lindsay Lohan (Bad Girls). After a difficult decade that saw Lohan grapple with many personal struggles, the announcement last year that he would be returning to the big screen was met with huge applause from many fans. She will play one of the two leads alongside choir in the street who is most famous for his role as Sam Evans in Happiness. Lohan has a huge reputation in the world of romantic comedy, with his starring role in the 2006 hit just my luck beside chris pine proving to be a cult favorite among romantic comedy fans. In addition to this, while filming the movie in November last year, Lohan got engaged to bader shammas which solidified for fans how perfect this role would be for her. During a period of great love in her personal life, Lohan is starring in a movie that tackles that very theme, creating a sense of anticipation from the movie’s release that will be, if nothing else, moving. They also appear in the cast Jack Wagner (The bold and the pretty), young george (Evil one), Blyth Howard (Walker), Y chase ramsey (why do women kill), as well as many other talented artists.

What is Falling For Christmas about?

Netflix has released information that is sure to excite fans of both romantic comedies and holiday movies. It is around the Christmas period that gender tropes and stereotypes are usually at their best, with Christmas movies, and in particular those that are steeped in romance and comedy, summarizing why these gender tropes and stereotypes are so successful. The plot follows the character of Lohan, a newly engaged heiress who, while skiing, suffers an accident that leaves her with amnesia. During her break bite, she finds herself being taken care of by Chord Overstreet’s hostel owner and her daughter, with the Christmas romance presumably blossoming. A perfectly typical narrative that is sure to delight anyone who sees it, and provide the perfect platform for stars like Lohan and Overstreet to shine.

The official plot synopsis via Netflix reads:

A pampered, newly engaged hotel heiress (Lindsay Lohan) gets into a skiing accident, suffers from total amnesia, and finds herself in the care of a handsome blue-collar hotel owner (Chord Overstreet) and his precocious daughter in the days leading up to Christmas. .

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Who is behind Falling For Christmas?

With a genre like romantic comedy having such a deep history within cinema, there is a level of expectation from fans about how the movie will turn out. With that in mind, it is important that the project is in good hands. director and writer janeen damien is someone with relevant experience within the genre who is sure to create a fantastic and satisfying end product. With a filmography that includes the christmas waltz Y Much Ado About Nothing About Christmasit is safe to assume that, along with other writers Jeff Bonnett Y Michael Damian, the film is going to be a success this Christmas. In addition, the importance of getting the score right in a film of these characteristics is key to its success, a task that is also in the capable hands of Nathan Lanier. His recent composition on Start before dark was well received, suggesting that along with the rest of the announced cast and crew, falling in love with christmas It’s going to be a huge hit for Netflix this holiday season.

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