Amber Midthunder from The Last Airbender grew up with the show

Actress Amber Midthunder, who plays Princess Yue of the Northern Water Tribe, says she has always considered herself a waterbender.

Actor Amber Midthunder will appear in Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Avatar the last airbenderplaying Princess Yue, a character she seems to relate to in various ways, such as her connection to the Northern Water Tribe.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Midthunder opened up about her involvement with the live-action show, stating that she has been a fan of the animated series for a long time. She added, “I loved it, I watched it, I was obsessed with it. I thought she was a waterbender.”

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In the animated series, Yue is not shown to be a waterbender, although she does not participate in combat or healing. It should be noted that Northern Water Tribe customs dictated that women were only allowed to learn how to heal using waterbending, but not how to fight. Yue technically becomes a waterbender beyond doubt when she becomes one with the Moon Spirit, Tui, during the Siege of the North Pole, as the Moon Spirit was the first waterbender and the source of all water control. It is unknown how the live-action series will portray Yue and how closely she will adhere to the animated show.

Midthunder’s participation was reported in June as part of the cast consisting of the most important figures of the Northern Water Tribe, along with A. Martinez as Master Pakku and Joel Oulette as Hahn. These reports were later confirmed by Netflix when the streaming giant announced the full cast for the upcoming series. The announcement also revealed that actor George Takei will appear as the spooky spirit, Koh the Face-Stealer, virtually completing the cast of Gaang’s Northern Water Tribe adventure.

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What Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender Has in Store

It is currently unknown when the live action Avatar the last airbender will premiere on Netflix. However, it’s clear that the streaming service already has the future of the show planned out. It was recently reported that seasons 2 and 3 may film side by side. This is reportedly due to concerns swirling around stars Gordon Cormier and Kiawentiio, who will be 14 and 17, respectively, when filming begins for the second season, which is several years older than their characters’ intended age. .

Netflix has yet to release any images or clips from the upcoming series, though the show’s cast members have expressed great enthusiasm. In an interview with CBR, star Utkarsh Ambudkar, who plays King Bumi in the live-action show, stated, “I think people will be really pleased when they see the series. It’s very well done. To everyone who is a part of the program they love it They are going to do it justice”.

from netflix Avatar the last airbender It doesn’t have a release date yet.

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