CEO Bob Chapek Says “No Other Entertainment Company Can Touch” Disney Content

When you think of companies that seem to completely dominate their industry, there may not be a better example than Disney. In terms of movies, theme parks, and merchandise, it’s hard to think of another business that has been as successful as The Walt Disney Company.


In 2019, Disney revolutionized the world of streaming with the launch of Disney+. This wasn’t the first time Disney dipped into media beyond its classic movies, but it represented a major shift in the industry as Disney scored another top spot. But a few years after the debut of Disney+, can Disney really claim to be the BEST? CEO Bob Chapek certainly thinks so.

In a recent interview with Deadline, Disney CEO Bob Chapek was asked about the possibility of Disney selling ESPN to another company. He said: “We get a lot of inquiries […] from other entities.” However, Disney ultimately decided to stick with ESPN. Chapek said: “[The number of inquiries] It says something about the power of sport and the advertising business when you have an audience so big they have to watch it right now. News and sports are the only two things you have to watch at the time. So if you have a vision for the future that the rest of the world isn’t necessarily on the same page with yet, then you stay with ESPN. ”

ESPN Big World of Sports

He went on to say that, with ESPN and the other media subsets that Disney owns, Disney has “a full complement of general entertainment, family news, sports that no other entertainment company can match.”


While some media companies may choose to specialize or focus on a certain audience, it seems true that Disney has a wide variety of platforms available. But the world of streaming isn’t without competition – let’s take a look at Disney’s current ranking and success and see how it stacks up against its competitors.

Disney+ is growing

Disney+ didn’t necessarily have an easy start. It launched in late 2019, just a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. And while that timing meant more people staying home with time to watch shows and movies, it also meant production had to shut down on several Disney projects.


In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Chapek said that Disney initially “drastically underestimated the hungry beast [Disney+] and how much content needed to be fed.” When COVID hit, the company was “completely restricted in terms of doing new things.” That meant very little could be added to the platform in the first year, which isn’t necessarily good for promoting the new service.


Now, however, Chapek reports that “production is fully back and we have a complete understanding of what it takes.” Disney saw great success with CharmThe launch of Disney+, even greater than the success they saw with the theatrical release of that movie.

Photo Option Charm at Disney World

We’ve seen more Disney+ originals, like live-action pinocchio, Hocus Pocus 2and, most recently, Marvel’s Halloween special werewolf at night. There’s more on the docket to come, and Disney+ seems to be in a good place currently.

(L-R): Sarah Jessica Parker as Sarah Sanderson, Bette Midler as Winifred Sanderson and Kathy Najimy as Mary Sanderson in HOCUS POCUS 2, exclusively on Disney+. Photo by Matt Kennedy. © 2022 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.

Disney has reported that the number of Disney+ subscribers continues to grow. During the third quarter earnings call in August, a total of 152.1 million Disney+ subscribers was reported, which is higher than the 137.7 million in April this year. That number represents an increase of 31% over the same period last yearin 2021. This growth has exceeded what many analysts were forecasting for the streaming platform.

Disney+ sign at Hollywood Studios

But Disney+ isn’t the only media platform Disney owns, far from it. During the same earnings call, Disney reported a total of 221 million total subscriptions across all of its streaming offerings, including Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+.

What else does Disney own?

The success with Disney+ is remarkable, but that success is complemented by the popularity of Disney’s OTHER platforms. Some of those other platforms include ESPN (a major contributor), ABC, 21st century fox, National GeographicY special effects (which has shows like american horror story).

ABC Curator at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney also owns part of emergencieswhich includes part of Lifetime and the History Channel. And they own the majority of Hulu also. Of course they added Wonderful Y lucasfilm to his collection a few years ago, so you’ll find plenty of content from those franchises on Disney+ (Insider).


Looking at that list, it seems that Chapek had a point when he said that no other entertainment company comes close to the variety of entertainment that Disney offers. Kids, Adults, Older Teens, Sports Fans, Nature Enthusiasts, History Buffs: Disney is really trying to access as many audiences as possible. with its content and platforms.

But are they the only ones doing it successfully?

How does it compare to competitors?

Looking at Disney’s main competition in the world of streaming, you’ll see companies like Comcast (owner of Universal), weather warner, NetflixY Amazon. Although each company offers stiff competition in certain areas of streaming, it doesn’t really seem like any can match the variety that Disney has achieved.


In terms of sports, Comcast owns NBC, which covers some NFL football games (including Sunday Night Football) and Notre Dame sports. Paramount owns CBS, which broadcasts many NFL games and some SEC college games. (Although we should note that ESPN has bought the rights to all of the SEC team’s games, and that transfer will begin in 2024.)

all star sports

Warner Bros. owns TNT, which shows a lot of NBA games (more than ESPN usually does), and Amazon Prime can really only claim the NFL’s Thursday Night Football. Netflix does not currently show any live sports.

All Star Sports Hotel

Comparatively, ESPN generally shows most college football and college basketball games. They also have the rights to NFL Monday Night Football, and also broadcast some NBA games. Although ESPN seems to be the most common household name when it comes to watching sports, the actual use of each platform will depend on which teams you watch most often. Disney seems to have pretty fair competition when it comes to sports streaming.


Looking at streaming content for adults and older childrenDisney’s main platform is Hulu. While many adults also enjoy Disney+ content (we absolutely watch Disney animated movies on a regular basis, and you can’t rule out Marvel and Star Wars content), Hulu has more content created with a larger audience in mind.


The biggest competition here will be Netflix and Amazon Prime. According to Statista, Netflix has approximately 220.67 million subscribers. Amazon Prime reported more than 200 million subscribers from all over the world. While Disney has over 221 million subscribers across all platforms, it only reported 152.1 million subscribers on Disney+ and 46.2 million subscribers on Hulu.


Currently, it seems that Netflix is ​​the winner when it comes to older viewers. But the next category is really Disney’s time to shine: younger audiences. We don’t have data on how many kids watch each streaming service, but we can look at the available options that are most likely to have content geared toward young viewers.

Dr. toys

Disney+ has classic Disney movies and shows including Pixar, Disney Junior, Disney Channel, Star Wars animated shows, and more. However, other services do not completely ignore this audience. Paramount Plus has many Nickelodeon shows such as sponge Bob, paw patrol, Peppa Pigand others.


Netflix doesn’t have as many options for popular children’s shows, though you can find content on the platform for younger audiences. Discovery’s HBO Max has some DC animated shows, and PBS Kids is another popular option.


Putting all of this information together, it seems like the only place Disney can declare a solid win is when it comes to content for younger kids. What is impressive, however, is that Disney competes in all categories., while most other companies do not offer options for all viewers. Their strength, then, is in variety rather than in a single area where they truly dominate.

Disney World

So is it true that no other entertainment company can touch Disney content? When it comes to variety and appeal to a host of different audiences, it certainly looks like that. We’ll have to wait and see how the streaming wars play out with sports and older audiences, which is where Disney sees the most competition.

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