Danny Rand was supposed to be nasty

The Netflix era of Marvel Television was just as successful, relatively speaking, as the home side of Marvel Studios. In fact, defenders As an aside, only one show disappointed fans and critics alike, but it might not have been as bad as originally thought. One thing everyone missed was that Danny Rand was supposed to be a nasty hero in Iron fist.

At the time, it looked like the Marvel and Netflix series would each run for half a dozen seasons. Internal changes at Disney prevented that from happening, but Iron fist He had a particularly bad time. Iron fist was the first new series to premiere after the 2016 US presidential election, which makes the story about how a smug billionaire becomes a hero less appealing. Still, the first season of Iron fist it was about how people in his previous life were really horrible and ordinary people, like Jessica Henwick’s Colleen Wing, helped him gain a new perspective. The long arc of the character was the transformation of him from a privileged young hothead to a hero. He was intentionally obnoxious at times, but the writers and artists did his job too well. The show also followed Luke Cage’s remarkable first season, and the two storylines couldn’t be more different. Again, this feels intentional, as Power Man and Iron Fist are an iconic comics duo. Finn Jones knows this, recently saying that if the character were to return, he should be with Mike Colter’s Luke Cage. It is not a bad idea.

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Danny Rand only works with Luke Cage

In comics, the “billionaire superhero” trope isn’t a class comment, but an easy way to write an exciting story without having to fit a job into it. However, after nearly a century of that, perhaps it’s time to examine that in live action? A series based on heroes for hire comics could do what Iron Man movies didn’t have time to do it. a new Iron fist The series could examine how in every billionaire superhero story, the most fantastic concept for fans to understand is the ridiculous amount of money that is. The charge-defenders seasons of both Iron fist Y luke cage tried to do this for a bit, but by then the producers knew the party was over with the success of avengers endgame and the then-future of Marvel on Disney+. Bringing back Charlie Cox for Daredevil: Born Again it’s a no-brainer. Similarly, bringing back Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones or Mike Colter as Luke Cage would be met with similar universal acclaim. But the return of poor Finn Jones would not be so welcome on its own.

So if Kevin Feige and company want (or contractually need) to bring Finn Jones back as Danny Rand, pairing him with Mike Colter’s Luke Cage is a good option. Even if it’s just a guest spot or a small arc in a larger series, the actor and new storytellers could take a second step in establishing the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Iron fist Fans and naysayers would probably agree that the most interesting scene of him as Danny Rand was that post-credits sting in the season 2 finale. The series could start as Luke Cage, himself too comfortable in his role. in Harlem’s Paradise, confronted by a Danny Rand who has gone a little dark with his magical weapons. Cage could fight back and ultimately help redeem Rand, all the while acknowledging the ways he personally lost sight of the mission. Of course, there’s also another character Rand from Jones could return to that isn’t Cage.

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Jessica Henwick’s Colleen Wing Should (Too) Be The Iron Fist In The MCU

While doing press for her role in Matrix: ResurrectionsJessica Henwick revealed that she turned down the opportunity to play a new role in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings because she hopes to play Colleen Wing again. In the same post-credits tag showing Danny Rand with magic guns, she revealed that Colleen Wing was an Iron Fist but instead of her fist, her power flowed through her sword. It was one of the best things about the entire series, and Marvel Studios should jump at the chance to bring Henwick back to tell that story. Bringing Danny back with Luke Cage would be less controversial, but some fans would want Luke to have his own show as Daredevil. However, it makes narrative sense for Danny to be in Colleen’s story, and the hero gone too far and the arc of redemption is a better fit for his old partner than Luke.

Finn Jones knows that fans were disappointed by Iron fistand as with Hayden Christensen and the Star Wars prequels, it must hurt because it did exactly what it was supposed to do. The character was meant to start out in a place where fans didn’t really appreciate him and he became the kind of comic book hero that fans have come to expect. Whether it was bad timing or faulty execution, that story didn’t work out. Especially with all the multiverse shenanigans going on, Marvel Studios wouldn’t be wrong to give Jones one more chance.

You can judge for yourself if Danny Rand was supposed to be obnoxious by watching the entire Iron Fist series on Disney+..

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