Entertainment Community Fund Announces 2022 Alex Dubé Scholarship Program Recipients

Entertainment Community Fund Announces 2022 Alex Dubé Scholarship Program Recipients

the Community Entertainment Fund has announced five recipients of the 2022 Alex Dubé Scholarship Program. This year, the Entertainment Community Fund will award $10,000 scholarships to David Gonsier, Himerria Wortham, Matthew Walsh Bade, Theodore Watler and Yayoi Kambara.

Through the Alex Dubé Scholarship Program, Career Transition For Dancers supports the education of dancers to build their next career platforms. These one-time awards of up to $10,000 are distributed annually to dancers enrolled in accredited graduate programs to help pay for tuition. For more information on the Alex Dubé Scholarship Program, please visit: Alex Dubé Scholarship Program.

The recipients of the Alex Dubé scholarship 2022:

David Gonsier

is a modern to Eurocontemporary American classical dancer who attends Brooklyn Law School. Discovering his love for advocating for dancers and artists through his experiences as a delegate of the American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA) at the Metropolitan Opera and as a member of the AGMA Board of Governors, Gonsier is applying his passion to his studies and a scholarship. with the Peggy Browning Fund. She hopes to help artists find security, protection and stability in their professional artistic lives through work with arts workers’ unions or in a specialization in labor representation.

Himerria Wortham

is a student at the University of Münster-WWU Weiterbildu and is pursuing a master’s degree in Visual, Media and Documentary Anthropology. A dancer who found her passion in self-expression through movement, Wortham began exploring other mediums of storytelling during the pandemic. She plans to create connections with artists and anthropologists from around the world through collaborations on film and other ethnographically influenced arts.

Matthew Walsh Bade is pursuing a career as a social worker through his master’s program at the University of the Pacific. A former contemporary dancer, Bade’s search for connection and support in the community has changed his professional goals to serve those not supported by current systems. He is committed to local activism, running a small non-profit organization in Ethiopia and hoping to provide peer support to immigrant and LGTBQIA2S+ communities, as well as those facing homelessness and substance abuse issues.

Theodore Watler

is a former contemporary and modern ballet dancer studying at Yale Law School. While the ballet provided a space for self-reflection and freedom, its historical rigidity and exclusivity inspired him to fight on behalf of Black artists through work with the AGMA member-led Black Caucus. By studying law, she aspires to become a stronger advocate for workers and artists as an advocate to help build a more just world and work against the forces of pervasive racism both on and off the stage.

yayoi kambara

is a contemporary and aerial dancer working towards an MFA at the University of the Arts. After retiring from ODC/Dance after a 13-year tenure as a full-time company member, she formed KAMBARA+ to produce work and served as rehearsal director for AXIS Dance Company. She is pursuing a career as a dance teacher, an avenue within which she hopes to increase the visibility of BIPOC artists’ dance works and continue to question the intersection of movement with cultural movements and identities.


The Alex Dubeì Scholarship Program is named after former dancer, dance advocate, and president of Career Transition for Dancers Alex J. Dubeì, whose deep commitment to the well-being of dancers spanned his 30-year career. . Mr. Dubeì began his professional experience with dance as a tap dancer before studying modern dance and ballet at the Robert Joffrey School. He later founded the first agency dedicated to representing dancers, before becoming Administrator of Dance for the American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA). The last step in Mr. Dubeì’s career in 2001 was as president of Career Transition For Dancers, where he spearheaded fundraising and scholarship distribution to thousands of dancers nationally.


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Entertainment Community Fund, formerly The Actors Fund, is a national human services organization that addresses the unique needs of people working in the performing arts and entertainment with services focused on health and wellness, career and life, and the House. Since 1882, the Fund has sought to ensure stability, foster resilience, and be a safety net for those who shape our country’s cultural vitality. Learn more at entertainmentcommunity.org.

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