Fans are left teary-eyed over Baron Geisler’s Netflix movie

Released a few days ago on October 7, 2021, Baron Geisler’s doll’s House is a sentimental hit with viewers, who just can’t stop praising the actor and the story. All the audience reactions we’ve encountered for this film have been unrelentingly tearful.

While some just came across this movie accidentally, they think it’s something they were meant to find because of the emotional uproar it has set off in their hearts. Starring Geisler, Althea Ruedas, Mary Joy Apostol, Phi Palmos, Katreena Beron, and more, this Filipino film was directed by Marla Ancheta.

Its official synopsis on Netflix says:

A troubled lead singer of a rock band sets out to rekindle the relationship he never had with his long-lost daughter.

In the endless trail of tweets linked below, viewers can’t help but rave about the various emotional moments in the film that spoke to them on a personal level. Additionally, fans are proud of this particularly warm Filipino portrayal that deepens a father-daughter relationship like never before.

The heartwarming film also had fans talking at length about Geisler’s acting ability and how “acting nominations are in order” for this performance, with some even going so far as to claim it was his “best” installment to date. . They love her choice to take on a different avatar compared to her usual antagonist characters.

netflix dollhouse

Returning to the serious problem of substance addiction, doll’s House delves into the dynamics of the characters they share with each other to analyze the impact that such diseases have not only on the individual but also on their family. Speaking of this case of an β€œunsatisfied life”, the protagonist leaves everything behind to return to his daughter. Without revealing her true identity at first, he poses as her nanny to get close to her and live the life he had given up on long ago.

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These are some of the reactions recorded by the audience on Twitter for this film. Read on to tour them.

Check out some reactions to Baron Geisler’s dollhouse

doll’s House It is now streaming on Netflix.

You already watched the movie? If so, was your experience as moving as the reactions listed above? Let us know your thoughts on the movie and its various building elements in the comments section below.

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