Five Best Bets to Stream on Halloween (Including a Hidden Gem)

Netflix has a pretty hefty horror slate throughout the year, but they really beef up their content in October. Some of his additions to Netflix and Chills from years past have become repeat Halloween watches for me (I’m looking at you, The curious creations of Christine McConnelleven though Netflix tragically canceled you after just one terrific season).

My short list of recommendations consists mostly of newer content, but I did include an older movie that I feel is underrated. These are listed in alphabetical order, so I’m not ranking them in any way…they’re just horror projects that I personally enjoyed.

we are all dead – This Korean zombie series is not only bloody and fast-paced, but has a lot of heart to go along with the horror. When a botched science experiment leads to the dreaded zombie apocalypse, a group of students find themselves trapped inside their high school, struggling to survive.

Mixed in with the typical teen angst are some pretty intense battle scenes, budding relationships, and emotional storylines. Also, there’s a nice plot device involving infected people becoming half zombies, so it’s a bit different. Overall, it’s an enjoyable 12-episode series, and if you can’t handle the subtitles, it’s dubbed in English.

Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story – True crime fans are no doubt all too familiar with the story of Dahmer, who tortured, murdered, and cannibalized at least 17 youths and children between 1978 and 1991. But, Evan Peters (american horror story) brings Dahmer up close and personal in his performance, which is so direct it’s often hard to watch.

A Ryan Murphy series, Dahmer not only does it go into sometimes disturbing detail about the killer’s fascination with entrails and the methods of subduing and killing his victims, but it also highlights the consistent bungling of the case by law enforcement. There were multiple times when bodies and other evidence were literally right under his nose, but Dahmer kept killing for years.


Malevolent – ​​Courtesy of Netflix

Malicious – For the life of me, I can’t understand why this chilling 2018 horror movie doesn’t get more attention. It even stars Florence Pugh, who most horror fans know. midsummer!

A brother and sister, along with a small team of “paranormal investigators” have been running a fake business, taking advantage of people who believe their house is haunted or who want to contact loved ones who have passed away. Angela (Pugh) has been posing as a medium, but she hasn’t told her brother that she has actually started having real experiences. She wants to get out of the business, but Jackson talks her into taking on one more case.

When old Mrs. Green asks them to go to her house and stop yelling at a bunch of girl ghosts, things get pretty scary. There’s a great twist to the story, very well played, and it gets surprisingly scary.

the midnight club – You just can’t go wrong with a Mike Flanagan series on Netflix. The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manor Y Midnight mass are now united by the midnight clubwhich is based on the novel of the same name by Christopher Pike.

A group of teens at a hospice get together every night at midnight to swap scary stories, vowing that whoever dies first will do their best to communicate with the others from beyond the grave.


The Midnight Club. Aya Furukawa as School Girl in episode 101 of The Midnight Club. chrome Eike Schroter/Netflix © 2022

In typical Flanagan fashion, the workhouse is spooky and full of dark corners and mysterious figures. It’s a gripping story with rich character development… and I recently read that it set a record for the most jump scares in a single scene. That happens in the first episode, by the way.

The movies that made us – In its third season, this Netflix series chose to focus mainly on horror movies. If you love documentaries that tell you how horror movies are conceived and made, along with lots of interesting tidbits, this is the series for you.

The films included in this season are Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street. Friday the 13th, Robocop, Aliens Y the nightmare before christmas. Each one is entertaining and packed with fun facts.

I also recommend any Mike Flanagan series available on Netflix, the one mentioned The curious creations of Christine McConnell, Marianne, Black Summer, Haunted, Incident in a Ghostland, Hush Y The babysitter. Enjoy!

Do you appreciate horror content on Netflix? Let us know which selection(s) you’ll be looking at from our list in the comments section.

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