GTA 6 hacker was allegedly offered 2.2 bitcoins per leak

The latest speculation in the community is that an anonymous buyer allegedly offered the infamous GTA 6 hacker 2.2 bitcoins (~$100,000) on Telegram for the recently leaked data.

This rumor has been going around for a while now. But the rumor sparked new interest after a 17-year-old British man was arrested in Rockstar Games’ legal case against the hacker.

While none of these rumors have been proven, notable members of the GTA community have weighed in on the matter.

Ben has been instrumental in providing new updates on the GTA 6 hacker.

A new update to this story: The hacker has confirmed that the GTA6 source code is no longer for sale, but he still wants to sell the GTAV source code and GTAVI confidential documents.…

Ben, a popular GTA commentator, has been constantly looking for new information on the rumor. The speculation began when the GTA 6 hacker allegedly started an online bidding war over the leaked data. Stories quickly circulated that the hacker allegedly deleted all the leaked information and went silent.

I was informed through Tez that it is not known if the hacker received the money or if someone was scammed. I will keep everyone informed.

Ben revealed that he was contacted by another prominent GTA insider, Tez2, who discussed how the hacker could have fabricated such transaction information. Tez2 noted that a number of online scammers eagerly await the opportunity to take full advantage of the ambiguity. Ben then tweeted:

Update: There is a lot of misinformation going on. People are actively making fake Blockchain transactions. Until things are concrete, it will be covered again. I’ll be up all night to keep an eye on things as they happen throughout the night.

In this tweet, Ben mentioned that fake blockchain transactions were taking place in connection with the leak. He advised everyone to stay away from committing to such a proposal.

Furthermore, rumors claim that such a transaction allegedly occurred in the days after the leak. Interestingly, these rumors circulate after the authorities have already intervened. Ben provided another important update on this matter, saying:

PSA: Don’t bother following the Tea Pot accounts on Twitter, they are probably fake accounts pretending to be the hacker. Please also do not give your money to any of the accounts. They are obviously scamming people.

This tweet clearly shows that most, if not all, accounts claiming to be hackers are fake. These are scammers trying to lure unsuspecting players and content creators into the trap. These scammers go to great lengths to make sure their claim appears legitimate.

In addition, many followers of the matter searched the Telegram account of the alleged hacker where this transaction was being carried out. They all found that the account was not authentic.

According to TechBallad, Bitcoin Explorer Mempool Space determined that the bitcoin wallet address “Bc1q5ctpkgan2npcwwsq9esvuq2fzne3m6qd8he7c5” was fake. The website is linked to various scams and has $96,690 from six separate transactions. Therefore, it can be assumed that the GTA 6 hacker did not sell the leaked data for 2.2 bitcoins.

While waiting for the official information about the arrested person, the community waits with anticipation. Anyway, players should stay away from any proposals from self-proclaimed hackers online.

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