How did Revenge squander its chance to subvert the teen movie genre?

The following contains spoilers for Do Revenge, which is now streaming on Netflix.

One of the most attractive aspects of Netflix get revenge So it was that Eleanor (Maya Hawke) and Drea (Camila Mendes) put aside their different lifestyles and collaborated. They both wanted to take down the people they hated at Rosehill Country Day High School, which led them to come up with intricate plans to ruin these teens after they hurt them. And at first, she felt like get revenge I would just set them up to be as twisted as possible. However, a surprising twist kicked off the final act, confirming that Eleanor was not who she claimed to be. But sadly, while the big reveal might have subverted typical movies of this genre, the twist ended up going to waste.

What was the big twist of Do Revenge?

It turns out that Eleanor wasn’t trying to be Drea’s puppet, she was the one secretly controlling Drea. Eleanor, also known as Nosy Nora, wanted revenge on Drea for coming out on her day as gay. But Drea didn’t even realize that she hurt Nora, that she was the kind of person the other teens didn’t remember.

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That perfectly positioned Nora to return to Miami, trick Drea, and pit her and the popular kids against each other. However, after Nora continued to pressure Drea to break the enemy, Nora changed her mind. She found out that Max leaked the sex tape of him with Drea, so they teamed up to take him down at a party, showing the entire school that he was a toxic pervert pretending to be a feminist. It was all thanks to Nora recording Max’s caustic words, which led to her and Drea ending the movie as best friends.

How did the Revenge twist go to waste?

Admittedly, it was cheesy to go the girls route by quickly repairing things and re-teaming up. These combined and combined elements of clueless, heathers, Bad Girls Y Go ahead, where the film forced the leads as heroes once again. Instead, get revenge could have moved away from the popular kids and focused on Drea and Nora going to war with each other, reminding viewers that this was a world with No good people.

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Drea would have gone to great lengths to stop genius Nora, who had it all planned, including a way to get Drea’s mom fired from her nursing job and Drea’s dreams of Yale ended. And Drea, who wasn’t white and privileged like Nora, had this fighting spirit in her, so it would have created a terrifying rivalry, where Drea had been victorious, she could have shown mercy instead of dealing the killing blow. . Her decision to record Nora’s confession and arrogance, only to discard the footage, would have shown compassion, empathy, and pain, earning her forgiveness.

More so, it would have shown Nora that she became the monster she hated, with the teens learning about themselves from each other. In that sense, they would have made each other better people, refocusing on their inner humanity rather than the arc with the rich kids. Finally, get revenge it ended up being predictable, wasting the opportunity to be a proper character study that would have helped the leads achieve resolution and win redemption.

See how the big twist falls by the wayside in Do Revenge, now streaming on Netflix.

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