How London’s immersive entertainment hub sonically amazes with L-Acoustics

Entering the Now Building at Outernet, more than 2,000 square meters of 16K LED display captivates visitors with immersive video content. And although it certainly attracts attention, the ears do not stay with the desire. The LISA (opens in a new tab) The 200-speaker surround audio installation immerses visitors in an immersive soundscape. The Now Building, the centerpiece of the Outernet, is used as both an expansive indoor/outdoor touring space and an enclosed venue that can host art installations, live concerts, movie premieres, or any event the creative mind can imagine. In any configuration, Outernet is poised to deliver a rich, real-time space experience to a projected number of more than 400,000 people who pass through space each day.

The story of Outernet London began when Consolidated Developments purchased a large section of Denmark Street, affectionately known as the UK’s Tin Pan Alley, with the intention of turning this part of London’s finest real estate into an innovative mixed-use development.

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