How much is 1 Bitcoin in Naira 2022?

How much is 1 BTC in Nigerian naira? Based on the Breet price as of October 14, 2022, 1 Bitcoin (BTC) is worth 14,187,600 NGN.

The following illustration shows the conversion rate from USD to NGN: 1 BTC = $19,705 = 14,187,600 NGN.

Depending on the price of Bitcoin at the time you read this, the fees here may go up or down.

Look no further than this guide if you are wondering how to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria.

Use a trusted exchange to receive the best BTC quote when selling Bitcoin in Nigeria. Before making any decisions, you need to evaluate the price of Bitcoin on various exchanges at the time.

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Problems with the sale of Bitcoin (BTC) in Nigeria

Nigeria ranks second out of 26 countries globally that have adopted cryptocurrencies, according to the most recent cryptocurrency adoption index conducted by in August 2022. N78bn Bitcoin in three months.” These show the level of value Nigerians have shown towards the world of digital money.

The legality of cryptocurrencies is a contentious issue among regulators in some countries. The legality of cryptocurrencies in Nigeria is an ongoing topic of discussion. Bitcoin is not yet considered a legal currency in Nigeria. Although not officially recognized yet, trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is allowed in Nigeria; they are not illegal.

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Best Bitcoin (BTC) Rate in Nigeria 2022

The prices of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are influenced by a variety of factors, but the supply and demand dynamics of the cryptocurrency market is the key. This comprises the price consumers are willing to buy for the cryptocurrency, the price they are willing to sell it for, and their comfort level in using it.

Many Nigerian crypto traders struggle with high trading fees. Compare the costs before and after the conversion to get the best cryptocurrency trading platform in Nigeria with the best Bitcoin rates. What are the processing, receiving and withdrawal costs? When trying to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria, these fees can deter traders from participating in the market.

It can be challenging to find the best BTC prices in Nigeria on the right cryptocurrency trading site. Many cryptocurrency exchanges have been established to make it easier for users to sell BTC in Nigeria at higher prices. You must follow these crucial tips to identify the best places to sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Nigeria because not all cryptocurrency trading platforms are legitimate.

Breet offers the best Bitcoin (BTC) rate in Nigeria

The Breet app is an automated crypto to fiat mobile app. Breet operates as one of the most trusted and reputable cryptocurrency exchanges in Nigeria. Breet does not sell Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies through peer-to-peer trading. To convert BTC into fiat-equivalent currencies at the best Bitcoin rates, Breet uses automated technology.

We strongly recommend selling Bitcoin in Nigeria at the highest rates available. Breet does not charge a fee for withdrawals. With every transaction you complete on the Breet platform, you earn points that you can then redeem for cash.

BTC sales on Breet can be completed in less than five minutes. You will not experience fraud or any other strange issues. To sell Bitcoin, you do not need to collaborate with anyone. With the help of Breet, it is easy to sell BTC on your own at the best price. Breet is reliable and safe.

How to sell BTC with the Breet app

Before you can sell Bitcoin, you must be logged into your Breet account. You must complete all verifications to ensure your safety. This will encourage high security for your BTC investment account and protect your account from unauthorized access.

After logging into your Breet account, you will need to add your Naira bank account as a payment method. To add your bank details, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “menu bar” located in the upper right corner
  2. Click on the “Bank details” tab
  3. Click “Add your account details”
  4. Enter the necessary bank information
  5. Choose Naira as your desired currency

Then confirm. You are now ready to sell Bitcoin with Breet at the best rates. It only takes five minutes or less.

Step by step guide:

  1. Click on “Sell Bitcoin”, which will open the BTC trading page.
  2. The Bitcoin trading page shows the fees with the value in dollars ($).
  3. Generate Bitcoin Address
  4. Just like bank account details, send the BTC wallet address to your sender.
  5. The naira value will be added to your account after 3 confirmations from the blockchain network.
  6. Click “withdraw”
  7. It will then be sent directly to the local bank account you added.

The conversion and withdrawal of Bitcoin to your Naira account has now been completed successfully. That’s simple and stress-free, right? Download the Breet app on Android or iOS to get started and take advantage of frictionless trading and higher rates when selling Bitcoin in Nigeria.

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