How Netflix’s Do Revenge remixes the plot of He’s All That

The following contains spoilers for Do Revenge, which is now streaming on Netflix.

It’s safe to say that Netflix is ​​into the teen comedy genre. That’s why franchises like the kissing booth Y To all the boys I’ve loved before have garnered trilogies, appealing to tweens and Gen-Z’s love of romance, immature humor and social media. Curiously, get revenge is a darker twist on the genre, focusing on Drea and Eleanor plotting against elites at their school. Nod to things like clueless, cruel intentions, Bad Girls, heathers and others. However, as the movie progresses and Drea takes control of Eleanor, it’s actually a remix of what the streaming service did. he is all that.

He’s All That’s Makeover remodeled its two leads

he is all that he was confronted by Padgett, a teenage girl pretending to be rich at her high school, who seemed to track him down due to the impression he gave as one of America’s top influencers. Her social media painted a glamorous paradise, but Padgett was actually living a not-so-rich life. Padgett even went to great lengths to hide where she lived herself, giving in to the superficial lifestyle and aiming for something more cosmetic.

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To redeem herself after being dumped, Padgett finally accepted a bet to transform unpopular photographer Cameron into prom king. She felt that it would make her popular again, increase her influence on social media and allow her to get back into the inner circle. However, Padgett picked up on her feelings after realizing that Cameron was a hunk and apologized after the truth came out. Cameron made her a better woman, so Ella Padgett begged them to restart things, admitting that she found herself through this experience.

Do Revenge female makeover copied He is all that

In get revengeDrea is a bit more sinister and wants Eleanor to infiltrate the circle she was once a part of until she beat up Max for leaking a sex tape. Since then, Drea has been treated like a social outcast, but she decided that once she could polish Eleanor into being a showoff, she could destroy the elites from within. But the way she tutored her and manipulated her situations to make her a superstar is pretty much what Padgett did with Cameron, doing get revenge feel unoriginal.

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To make matters worse, Drea also hides where she lives, ashamed that her mother is a nurse and coming across as an angrier Padgett, who had the same hang-ups. And it’s equally hard to connect with Drea as someone likeable because, like Padgett, she’s exactly like the people she’s at war with: fake. But the icing on the cake comes at the end, where Drea realizes that she was wrong from the start to use Eleanor for her own selfish purposes.

Sure, Eleanor was a villain taking revenge on Drea for bullying years ago, but the same message stands out. Drea, loving how Eleanor inspired her to be better than her, vows to change her, which is why Eleanor forgives her and offers her a second chance. However, Drea gets off too easily, as does Padgett. She shows how her brands have no problem absolving scheming puppeteers who are trying to climb the social ladder at the expense of others.

For comparisons to He’s All That, Do Revenge is now streaming on Netflix.

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