How to cancel your Netflix subscription on your phone, tablet or computer

Many people this year have decided to leave Netflix. Why? In early 2022, the streaming service raised their prices by $1 or $2 one month. Worse still, the company announced that it will begin charge users to share passwords in 2023. And on Thursday, the streaming giant announced the the cheapest streaming tier will include adsalthough current plans will not be affected, for now.

How streaming competitors like it disney more, Max HBO, Amazon-Prime Y Hulu grow, even more users could be considering canceling Netflix. If you’re ready to go Dahrmer, Strange things, BlondY Better call Saul back, read on to learn how to easily cancel your Netflix account on your phone, tablet, or computer.

How to cancel your Netflix subscription on your phone or tablet

It’s easy to cancel your subscription on a computer (see the next section). Netflix makes it difficult to cancel your subscription on your phone and tablet, but there is a way to do it, though you won’t be using any of the official Netflix apps on the App Store or Play Store. Instead, you will need to use the web browser of your choice to cancel your Netflix account:

1. To go in your web browser and log in to your account. If you are redirected to the app, access the Netflix website in a private browser, which prevents the redirect from occurring.

two. tap on the three dash menu at the top left to open the side menu.

3. now hit Bill.

4. Scroll down and tap Cancel membership, which you’ll find under Membership & Billing. The next page will notify you that your cancellation will be effective at the end of your current billing period.

5. To cancel your Netflix subscription, tap the blue end cancellation button.

To cancel your Netflix account on mobile, you need to go to the website in your web browser.

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How to cancel your Netflix subscription on your computer

Canceling your Netflix subscription is much easier on your computer. To get started, simply open your preferred web browser and then follow these steps:

1. To go netflix.comlog in to your account and choose a user. Please do not use a child account or you will not be able to access your account settings.

two. Next, hover over the user icon in the top right corner and click Bill.

3. Hit the Cancel membership button.

4. Finally click on the blue end cancellation button.

Netflix account closure page with counter offer

Please ignore the offers on the right hand side if you intend to cancel your Netflix account.

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New Netflix subscription prices

The price increases for all three tiers of the Netflix streaming service that the company announced in january they are now in place for new subscribers and are being rolled out to existing Netflix customers. You may have received an email about the price increases, but if you haven’t, here’s the latest price breakdown:

netflix pricing plans


Previous monthly price

new monthly price

Price increase













Netflix also has a new basic tier with ads that costs just $7 a month and will launch in the US on November 3.

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