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AHA! So that’s what Bitcoin is

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AHA! SO THAT’S BITCOIN by Uncle Crypto

It is one of the simplest explanations of what Bitcoin is that I have read so far. I love the beautiful illustrations. It makes things so much easier to understand.”

— P. Martin, Amazon reviewer

UNITED STATES, Oct. 12, 2022 / — It is indeed able to understand Bitcoin. And now a new guide, Aha! That’s what Bitcoin is, it will prove it. In this easy-to-understand illustrated guide, readers will develop a basic understanding of the topic and learn how to take advantage of this untapped resource.

The author is listed as Uncle Crypto, also known as Peter Glickman, whose book Master Cleanse, published in 2004, sold 150,000 copies in eight languages.

Every major government in the world is studying Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Does it present a real opportunity to improve the finances of even the poorest people, or does it threaten our way of life? Until now, understanding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has been difficult for the non-technical; however, this guide and its illustrations combat that with a unique approach.

To build a house, one must build a foundation before continuing. The same principle applies in education, where one must learn the basics before moving on to more difficult content. The same concept applies in the Uncle Crypto guide, where instead of just throwing technical definitions and complicated ideas at readers, he makes sure to cover every basic idea, so that when readers close the guide, they are properly equipped to continue. on your own. .

The way the author presents the information is as masterful as the way he structures it. From start to finish, this illustrated guide is readable and straightforward. Everyone has had the experience of reading a textbook in school; Although it contains everything you need for the exam, deciphering the walls of text is often a challenge.

Uncle Crypto simply explains the necessary basic information with everyday examples, and each illustration clarifies what is explained on the page. The 47 illustrations in the guide cover all the basic concepts necessary to familiarize yourself with the subject and simplify understanding.

When finished, readers will be much more confident in their understanding of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and inflation and how they fit into micro and macro economics. Not only will they be able to participate in discussions on these topics, but they will be perfectly prepared to ride the wave.

“I had stopped understanding crypto currency, its place in our economy and how it works. He had given up on understanding the subject of money and inflation. This book took me to 2022, with a clear understanding of what it’s all about.” —Amazon reviewer

“It is one of the simplest explanations of what Bitcoin is that I have read so far. Not only that, I learned about the history of the exchange and what money is and all the forms it took throughout history. I love the beautiful illustrations. It makes things so much easier to understand.” -P. Martin, Amazon Reviewer

Uncle Crypto (Peter Glickman) is a bestselling author whose previous 2004 book on the Master Cleanse sold 150,000 copies in eight languages ​​and made the cleanse popular according to the New York Times. The purpose of this new guide, Aha! That’s what Bitcoin is, it’s educating high school students, seniors, and policymakers about the potential Bitcoin has to change our lives for the better as much as cars, computers, smartphones, or the Internet. The author believes that effective education can accelerate this. In addition to being an author, he has also been a successful eCommerce entrepreneur and software executive. He lives with his wife of 52 years in Florida.

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