Is Avori the mole in Netflix’s The Mole? theories

As a reboot of ABC’s cult classic competition series of the same name, itself based on the original Belgian production ‘De Mol’, Netflix’s ‘The Mole’ can only be described as captivating. That’s because it focuses on 12 players, well, 11 and a saboteur, as they complete a host of challenges for a hopefully sizable cash prize while trying to identify the impostor in their midst. So now that the first eight episodes of her debut have made it clear that both greed and skepticism can be detrimental, let’s dig a little deeper into contestant Avori Henderson, shall we?

Is Avori Henderson the mole?

From the moment Avori appeared on our screens, she put a target on her back not only for her sheer confidence, but also for admitting the fact that she’s a tactician because of her career. The professional player even expressed that she has always been underestimated, but the truth is that she asks a lot of specific questions and then pays close attention to every detail. That’s why she told the cameras that she should be able to identify the mole relatively quickly, only for her undeniably stiff body language to throw us off and keep her true intentions up in the air.

However, Avori did not exhibit any mole-like behavior at first, she was raising a significant amount of money for the pot, and her body language could also be attributed to her being a former pageant queen. Apparently, it was the fact that her close alliance with the super-intelligent Pranav Parel made her realize that she needed to cast a little suspicion on herself that changed everything. The Arizona resident and Illinois native’s initial lockouts and sabotages were extremely obvious, but as time went on, it began to seem like even the obviousness might have been on purpose.

Avori hiding things from Pranav didn’t work out well either, however, it wasn’t until the hide and seek mission that he really got benched. She could have easily seen the number on the side of the pizza box to give to Will and Jacob if she had ducked, but she didn’t. Thus, her fumble cost the group $10,000 to lose, and was either extremely ridiculous or totally intentional considering she prided herself on her thoroughness. Regardless, though, we think she’s not the mole: she’s strategic and apparently a good liar (two truths and one lie), but she’s unlikely to be to the point where she’s the mole.

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