Is Netflix’s Latest ‘Flanaverse’ Series Related to ‘The Haunting of Hill House’?

Teenagers gather to tell creepy stories in horror series the midnight club. (Netflix)

October is the perfect time to sink your teeth into a new horror series, and Netflix has plenty of options to terrify viewers this Halloween.

the midnight club It has even broken a Guinness World Record for having the only television episode with the most jump scares: 21 in episode one.

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But how does it relate to titles like The Curse of Hill Houseand what exactly is The Flanaverse?

how can i watch the midnight club?

the midnight club he is currently streaming all 10 episodes of his series on Netflix.

It was released on Netflix in the UK on October 7.

What is the midnight club?

Ilonka explores the hospice.  (Netflix)

Ilonka explores the hospice. (Netflix)

Based on a 1994 novel and other works by author Christopher Pike, the series is set in a hospice for terminally ill teenagers.

Ilonka moves into the hospice after being diagnosed with terminal thyroid cancer, but from the first time she sees the labyrinthine old house where the hospice is located, she feels a sense of deja vu.

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She becomes convinced that the house holds secrets about a former patient who disappeared under mysterious circumstances and later resurfaced cured of his illness.

The club meets to share scary stories.  (Netflix)

The club meets to share scary stories. (Netflix)

Experiencing terrifying visions around every corner, Ilonka isn’t quite sure if they’re real or an effect of her medication.

Meanwhile, her fellow patients invite her to join a secret social club where they meet each night after the lights go out and take turns terrorizing each other with the scariest horror stories they can think of.

They share a pact to offer proof of an afterlife by trying to contact the group after their death, but will either of them make a voice on the other side?

What is The Flanaverse? It is the midnight club in the same series as The Curse of Hill House?

'The Haunting of Hill House'.  (Credit: Netflix)

The Curse of Hill House. (Netflix)

The TV series has been created from the Pike novels by Mike Flanagan, making it part of the Flanaverse, the filmmaker’s collection of scary shows on Netflix.

However, while viewers may recognize Flanagan’s style in the series, it is more geared towards a teenage audience and is not part of the series. the haunting anthology that so far includes The Curse of Hill House Y The Curse of Bly Manor.

Flanagan is also behind Netflix’s horror hit Midnight massand has another series scheduled for the streaming service, The fall of the House of UsherBased on the short story by Edgar Allan Poe.

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