Junji Ito Maniac Gets New Key Art, Story Revealed For Netflix Horror Anime

“Ice Cream Truck”, “Tomb Town”, Library Vision”, “Headless Statue” and more are coming to this horror collection on January 19th.

japanese horror master Junji Ito He won’t be gracing us with anything on screen in time for Halloween, but Netflix was able to reveal a terrifying new piece of key art for the upcoming adaptation of his work. Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre. The streamer also revealed four more scary tales from the mangaka that will be adapted in the anthology, as well as the voice cast for each of the new episodes.

Drawn in painstakingly detailed faded colors in Ito’s signature style, the new image celebrates a particular story from the horror master’s catalog: Tomy. The main antagonist’s ghostly, severed head lies on the ground as her body stands and waits as Tomie’s hideous amalgamation of clones complete with the body of a giant worm wriggles its way down an alley. It’s appropriate for art to stand out Tomy given its status as Ito’s debut work and one of his best-known story collections. However, the eternal temptress is simply a part of the 20-story collection.


Along with previously announced Tomy, Shoichi, and “The Hanging Balloons,” Netflix revealed “Ice Cream Truck” (aka “Ice Cream Bus”), “Tomb Town” (aka “Street of Gravestones” or “Tombs”), “Library Vision” (aka “Library of Illusions”) and “Headless Statue” (aka “Headless Sculptures”) will be adapted. “Ice Cream Truck” chronicles the fate of children who are invited aboard a seemingly friendly man’s bus to enjoy ice cream. Meanwhile, “Tomb Town” centers on a town where everyone is turned into tombstones immediately after his death. “Library Vision” follows a man obsessed with the library passed down to him by his father. Finally, “Headless Statue” tells the horrific story of art students haunted by the death of their teacher and the sculptures he left behind.

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“Ice Cream Truck” will feature the voice talents of Ryotaro Okiyu, sarah matsumotoY Takatsugu Chikamatsuwhile “Tomb Town” boasts Ryohei Kimura, M・A・OY aya uchidastars of “Library Vision” yuki kaji Y tomoe hanbaand finally “Headless Statue” includes fumiko orikasa Y takashi kondo. The first shots of the characters they play are shown in a thread below the key art on Twitter.

Originally announced during Netflix’s Geeked Week, Junji Ito Manic is looking to redeem the stories of the horror mangaka after the decidedly mediocre Junji Ito Collection. Ito’s influence has been felt and appreciated around the world, inspiring people like William of the Bull among others, and garnering multiple Eisner Awards in the process. He recently picked up another couple of awards last year for Remina Y Venus in the blind spot. Studio DEEN will have another chance to bring their work to life with this adaptation. It is one of two Ito projects currently in the works with the much delayed Uzumaki The adaptation also continues to come from Adult Swim.

Junji Ito Manic is scheduled to release on Netflix on January 19, 2023. Check out the terrifying key art below.

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