‘LEGO Masters’ Host Will Arnett to Narrate Netflix’s Wildlife Docuseries

Will Arnett Presents 'Lego Masters'CR: Tom Griscom/FOX

Exploring the ocean reaches of Vancouver, Netflix once again delivers a wonderful wildlife documentary series. Island of the sea lions is a visually fascinating film accompanied by lego masters the exquisite voice of presenter Will Arnett.

Netflix releases Island of the sea lions

Island of the sea lions documents a year of life on Vancouver Island. The series delves into the innate beauty of the place. Directors Jeff Turner and Chelsea Turner wanted to capture and tell a story that involved the island’s wildlife species. Additionally, the documentary focuses on how the ocean nurtures life, from bald eagles to sea lions.

“Their home is a vast outpost of volcanic rock, creating a giant island full of wonder. Surrounded by the North Pacific, it nurtures life on its land,” says Arnett in the trailer.

Island of the sea lions captures the spontaneity of wildlife. During the creation of the series, the production team had to film several scenes at the same time. Within nine eventful months, viewers may witness a major flood and a storm brought on by the fall. In addition, aerial and close-up shots of endangered animals were pleasantly taken, showcasing their candid fauna.

The docuseries premiered on October 11 and is now streaming on Netflix.

Ecology docuseries features Will Arnett

To exceed expectations, the directors enlisted some excellent voice talent in Will Arnett. Arnett’s modulated voice flawlessly narrated the scenes, taking viewers to the beautiful coastlines and rainforest of Vancouver. Jeff Turner subsequently describes “Island of the Sea Wolves” as his most exciting docuseries to date, especially with the Canadian actor’s excellent tone.

“He was great. I think he really enjoyed it and he’s a great storyteller,” Turner said.

In recent years, Netflix has shown enthusiasm for nature and ecology documentaries. Hopefully, the company will invest more in this type of series where viewers can appreciate and learn from nature.

For those who don’t know, Arnett has previously voiced the characters Bojack Horseman, LEGO Batman, and more. This surely isn’t his first rodeo when it comes to voice acting.

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