Lindsay Lohan on working with an acting coach for the first time in her career for her Netflix Christmas movie

Early 2000s kids like me probably grew up with Lindsay Lohan’s filmography. Of parent trap a Bad Girls a freaky friday, these were formative movies for me and I’m sure many other Millennials and old Gen-Zs, and the common denominator of these is Lohan. Now, she’s making her comeback to acting for joins Netflix for a Christmas romantic comedy. After quite a few years out of the business, he is talking about getting back into the acting groove and hiring an acting coach for the first time.

Lohan is ready to star falling in love with christmas, which will be released near the end of the upcoming movie schedule, just in time for the holiday season. She stars together Happiness alum Chord Overstreet in the film, and from the trailer, it looks like we’re getting the actress we know and love back on our screens. In a recent interview with THR talked about meeting Bernard Hiller and said they clicked right away and he hired him to be his acting coach. The actress explained her relationship with him, saying:

I have never worked with any acting coach in my life! I don’t really see Bernard just as a coach. He is more of a skills advisor and mentor. It helps you see what isn’t written on the page and brings those aspects of the character to life.

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