LINK and XRP Price Rises Will Outperform Bitcoin and Ethereum in Bear Market

  • Crypto strategists predicted that Chainlink and XRP will outperform Bitcoin and altcoins like Ethereum in the bear market.
  • Analysts reveal plans to pick up XRP and Chainlink in the event of another cryptocurrency downturn.
  • LINK price plummeted below $7.45 after a strong bearish divergence, analysts remain hopeful for a recovery in the altcoin.

DonAlt, a crypto analyst known for timely and accurate Bitcoin and altcoin price predictions, believes that Chainlink (LINK) and XRP could beat the ongoing bear market. The analyst revealed plans to accumulate the altcoin during a sell-off event.

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Analysts bet on XRP and Chainlink (LINK) to outperform BTC, ETH

DonAlt, a prominent technical analyst known for the timing and accuracy of his cryptocurrency price prediction, recently told his followers that XRP is one of the strongest assets in the ecosystem. In a new strategy session, the analyst revealed plans to accumulate XRP in the event of another sell-off.

DonAlt was quoted as saying:

If I get a Bitcoin breakdown, the only coin I want to buy is XRP.

The analyst’s goal is to accumulate XRP if it drops to $0.38 or below, but he admits there is little chance of such a decline. DonAlt is bullish on XRP and argues:

I still think they are going to win the case so I think any kind of background in crypto will make XRP a success. I know that the Bitcoin pair (XRP/BTC) is also looking very good. It is one of the most attractive charts in crypto right now.

XRP Perpetual Futures from DonAlt's YouTube Strategy Session

XRP Perpetual Futures from DonAlt’s YouTube Strategy Session

The Ethereum-based decentralized Oracle platform Chainlink (LINK) is the second best altcoin according to DonAlt. The analyst noted that LINK has generally outperformed cryptocurrencies during a bear market. For three years in a row since 2018, LINK outperformed the entire crypto market and emerged as a good narrative to follow. DonAlt expects another hot run in LINK price before the end of the current cycle.

DonAlt price target for LINK is above $8. In the event of a deletion, the analyst is interested in accumulating Chainlink tokens, predicting a recovery in the LINK/BTC pair.

Analysts Remain Hopeful for Chainlink (LINK) Price Recovery

TheEuroSniper, a crypto analyst and trader, believes that Chainlink price could hit the $9.62 target. The analyst has set a target of a 27.9% rally in the altcoin and believes that LINK could still hit its target despite the crypto bear market.

Chainlink Perpetual Futures

Chainlink Perpetual Futures

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