‘Midnight Club’ Release Date, Time, Plot, Cast & Trailer for Netflix Horror Show

Just in time for Halloween, Netflix horror aficionado Mike Flanagan is back with another spooky series alongside co-creator Leah Fong. after leading The Curse of Hill House Y Midnight massFlanagan’s most recent project is an adaptation of a 1994 YA novel of the same name by Christopher Pike, which follows a group of eight young hospice patients who meet at midnight every night to trade scary stories.

It turns out that the terminally ill teenagers who reside at Brightcliffe Manor in this 10-episode series set in the ’90s have the afterlife on their mind in more ways than one. Apparently, death is already knocking on their doors, but the gang of new friends discover that there are sinister mysteries and shadows lurking in the corners of their hospice home that may play a role in their fate.

With supernatural occurrences and ghost stories perfect for the month of October, here’s what to expect from the horror, mystery, and suspense series that hopes to scare you to death.

When is the midnight clubThe release date?

William Chris Sumpter as Spencer in the midnight club. Netflix

All 10 episodes of the power club It will stream exclusively on Netflix starting October 7, 2022.

When is the midnight club‘s release time?

Netflix releases new movies and TV shows at midnight Pacific, which is 3 a.m. Eastern Time.

Members of the Midnight Club.Netflix

Who is in the cast for the midnight club?

The cast of children in the midnight club features many newcomers including Iman Benson leading the cast as Ilonka, Adia as Cheri, Igby Rigney as Kevin, Ruth Codd as Anya, Annarah Cymone as Sandra, Sauriyan Sapkota as Amesh, Aya Furukawa as Natsuki, and William Chris Sumpter as Spencer. . . and Heather Langenkamp, ​​of Nightmare on Elm Street fame, she plays hospice director Dr. Georgina Stanton.

What is the plot for? the midnight club?

When incoming Stanford University student Ilonka is diagnosed with late-stage thyroid cancer, she is sent to the mysterious Brightcliffe Manor, where she befriends a group of other near-terminal patients. There, he joins the others in the library each night to tell each other sinister stories, and the group makes a pact that the first to die will contact the others from beyond the grave to prove that there really is an afterlife. of death. Each episode shows a different story, making it a kind of anthology hidden within a more typical horror series.

However, when one of the teens dies of illness soon after, strange things begin to happen, leaving the rest to figure out if it’s their friend arriving from beyond the grave or something more insidious at play on the estate.

Is there an official trailer for the midnight club?

Yes, Netflix has released several teasers and trailers. The full trailer will arrive on September 20 and a final teaser on September 30, both showing a mix of classic scenes of teens coming of age that quickly turn into haunting bits of ghosts and horrors.

There will be a the midnight club Season 2?

While there is no official word on whether or not the midnight club will be renewed for another season, there’s plenty of source material to take from. Although it is largely based on and named after one of author Christopher Pike’s books, the showrunners have said that they were inspired by many of Pike’s works, including Witch, kiss Me, road to nowhereY the wicked heartwhich definitely leaves room for more creepy stories to come given the show’s somewhat anthological format.

the midnight club premieres on Netflix on October 7, 2022.

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