Most Netflix fans agree with the theory that Joi is The Mole 2022

As 12 strangers compete to walk away with the $1 million prize on Netflix’s The Mole, the original 2001 show that has now returned to the screens 21 years later, there is a person who is actually a ‘mole’… Who is he?

Viewers already have their theories about the possible impostor, but the team at large has to figure out who is the dark horse among them. Some are total team players, but The Mole is there purely for his own benefit.

Think of The Circle, where the cast members can’t completely trust anyone, but where the team has to work through challenges together, like the puzzling jailbreak game that ends in a thrilling finale. Let’s look at The Mole’s theories.

The mole. (L to R) Casey Lary, Avori Henderson, Jacob Hacker, Pranav Patel, Will Richardson, Dom Gabriel on The Mole’s 101st episode. chrome Julian Panetta/Netflix © 2022

Mole’s theories point to Joi

Within the five episodes that were released of The Mole, viewers are convinced that Joi Schweitzer is the impostor. Although The Mole’s identity has yet to be revealed, most point fingers at the contestant.

a fan wrote: Joi is #the mole I am 98% confident in this. Oceans Knife: The simplest answer is often the best. All the signs are there guys, even if it’s so obvious.”

Other guessed: “Joi thinks she’s smart. She pretends to be nervous about elimination and, at the same time, she loses the money…but she seems like she’s afraid to leave knowing that she can’t leave because she’s the mole. Simple #The mole.”

However, some feel that Joi is being “very obvious” like the mole and that there could be a twist involved. If The Mole successfully wins over his fellow contestants, the value of the prize money will decrease.

Other names in the riddle mix involve Casey, after she didn’t see anything on the seaplane despite passing by the boat, as well as contestants Kesi, Jacob, and Greg.

What does El Topo do?

The Mole is an impostor who successfully tries to convince his co-stars that they are not a ‘mole’. While the 12 contestants must solve challenges to add money to a jackpot, one is secretly tasked with sabotaging the wins.

The producers have ordered them to be The Mole, but they must not be caught by the other competitors. But if the whole team completes a challenge, despite an impostor trying to sabotage them, they can win money from the prize pool.

One of Joi’s decisions cost her team $25,000, which she gave away to save herself, admitting that she is “greedy” and wants to stay in the competition. This is one of the main clues that convinced viewers that she is The Mole.

The Mole 2022 on Netflix: episode guide

The first batch of The Mole episodes on Friday, October 7, 2022. New batches of episodes will now air once a week on Fridays at 3am ET/12am PT. The next three new episodes will be added to Netflix on Friday, October 14.

In general, the new reality show will release episodes on the following dates:

  • Episodes 6-8: October 14th
  • Episodes 9-10 (Final): October 21



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