MOY Protocol Launches DEFI Mechanism and Auto-Stake Feature to Create Innovative DEFI Metafinance

Singapore, October 8, 2022, MOY Protocol recently launched the DEFI mechanism and Auto-Stake function to achieve rapid green development, while supporting the diversified expansion of more financial infrastructures and creating a Web3.0 platform trusted by users.

The MONEY protocol (MOY protocol) is a new financial protocol that makes trading easier and more efficient, providing $MOY token holders with a consistent monthly profit of over 100% using the continuous minting model.

MOY’s founding team has made great strides across the financial world, summarizing complex economic models through hundreds of DeFi projects. MOY aims to create a blockchain-based metaworld, which is managed by all MOY participants. Furthermore, through the effective and long-term DeFi minting mechanism, MOY realizes the investment freedom, wealth freedom, and government freedom of every citizen, allowing everyone in the world to join MOY. .

MOY is an innovative DeFi finance platform focusing on WEB3.0. With a team that has the knowledge, drive and ability, as well as extensive financial backing from various fund companies, the platform will take MOY globally through an unprecedented series of marketing strategies.

WEB 3.0 was the new finance.

In the Web 2.0 era, there are problems such as leaking of user identities, opaque and inadvertent data, asymmetrical advantages of centralized platforms, and industry monopoly. The financial sector has also exploded in the past with a lot of problems with P2P, where a large number of users can no longer trust centralized platforms.

In the Web3.0 era, distributed databases, smart contracts, private computing, autonomous data identity, distributed storage, etc. solve these problems effectively. Web3, DAO and DEFI will build a new paradigm for the future world of finance. The most innovative infrastructure unleashed by these three will deconstruct the traditional business model and rebuild it into a new economic organization system and a new business paradigm, featuring complete decentralization, intelligence and higher security, opening up a new financial ecology in the WEB 3.0 era. .

MOY Protocol’s Auto-Stake feature is a simple yet state of the art feature called Buy-Hold-Earn that provides maximum ease of use for $MOY holders. When users earn MOY and join the liquidity pool, they can earn rebase rewards and deposit them directly into the wallet as interest.

1. Distribution of transaction fees

The MOY transaction fee is an important part of the MOY protocol, which finances the execution of key functions of the protocol. The MOY transaction fee (15% for each side of the transaction) will provide $MOY holders with a stable source of high income each year.

2. DEFI mechanism

The trigger condition of minting adopted by MOY is that the MOY users themselves hold the liquidity portion of MOY’s LP. Users get minting rights by adding MOY to LP, and get 1% to 1.7% revenue coin amount every 12 hours, the output coin amount is calculated according to the amount of MOY added in LP , there is no amount threshold limit, and users can earn up to 102% revenue per month.

There is an upper limit on MOY coin production. When the amount of MOY produced in the user’s wallet is greater than the amount of LP liquidity, MOY production will stop. Only if the user’s hand tokens are lower than the amount of MOY added in the LP, the output can continue, and the MOY earnings will divide the interest earnings of the output according to the amount of LP added by the user. .

3. Buyback Liquidity Fund

5% of each $MOY sales charge will be bought back and automatically entered into the EAI liquidity pool. 5% of each $MOY sales charge will be bought back and automatically paid into the EXI liquidity pool. Like the MOY liquidity pool, the funds in the EAI liquidity pool will increase infinitely with the development of the MOY ecosystem. The automated liquidity engine allows $MOY token holders to easily buy and sell their tokens at any time by adding more and more liquidity to the pool, with little to no market downturn.

4. Mechanism of destruction.

The MOY economic model controls the excessive rise of MOY through the sell-and-burn mechanism, to prevent price depreciation and maintain MOY price and supply stability.

When users get $MOY tokens, 5% of each $MOY trading fee will be automatically destroyed.

When users sell $MOY tokens, 2.5% of each $MOY sale fee will be automatically destroyed.

Transfers of $MOY tokens between wallet addresses will also be 15% automatically destroyed.

5. MOY-DAO rewards.

5% of each MOY deal sale fee will be allocated to the MOY-DAO organization and the DAO reward will be used to reward users who have contributed to the MOY deal. When users earn $MOY tokens, 5% of the transaction volume is shared between the 10 closest referrals.

The MOY protocol is the easiest way to get a return on your investment in DeFi. The innovative DEFI mechanism ensures that rewards are automatically paid to every $MOY token holder every 12 hours, making it the fastest automatic DEFI minting protocol in cryptocurrencies. Monthly returns of up to 102%. Combined with a two-way mechanism deflationary mechanism to achieve constant sequential growth in MOY value.

On MOY Roadmap, it will own 200,000 token holders with a market cap of 200M by the end of 2022. Achieve 500,000 token holders with a market cap of 7B by the end of 2023. By the end of 2024, it will become in the Top 10 cryptocurrencies with a market value of 100 billion.

In the coming tide of the WEB3.0 era, MOY will realize the rapid development of ecology through the super DEFI protocol, continue to create wealth myths in the DAO organization, and achieve fission transmission. As the scale of the market continues to grow, the liquidity of the MOY protocol will also get better and better, which can support the diversified expansion of more financial infrastructure and create a new DEFI meta-funding paradigm in the WEB3.0 era.

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