NCT Fans Express Concern As SM Entertainment Holds Audition To Add New Boys Into 23-Member Strong Group

The concept of a band like NCT has always fascinated everyone in the K-pop scene, as they are not a fixed group but follow a system of infinite expansion. From time to time, they keep adding new members to the already large ensemble, and as a result, the latest plans are to do just that.
NCT currently has a total of 23 members, but their agency SM Entertainment will be adding a few more to the group. Let’s recap a bit. In June, the company announced the ‘Welcome to NeoCity‘ audition revealing their plans to recruit new guys.

According to the details shared, applications were accepted from various cities around the world. But even when the initial announcement was made, NCTzens voiced their concerns. The whole idea received a mixed reaction from fans.

With the latest update, it seems that the neocity The auditions are going full force. Let us remind you that NCT is currently active with four subunits: NCT U, NCT 127 with a fixed lineup, NCT Dream, also with a fixed team, and lastly, WayV. According to information shared by SM Ent, two new units, namely NCT ​​Hollywood and NCT Tokyo, will debut in the future.

However, the group’s fandom is more worried than excited. Many said that the different NCT units have already established a fan base. Everyone is doing well in the industry. NCT 127 released their album, 2 bad guys which did well in terms of sales, similarly NCT ​​Dream also had their comeback before this.

Since the units are permanent, their members remain active while the rest have nothing to do. “What’s the point of bringing more members to the team when right now not all 23 are getting projects? There are only units there… I have no idea what SM is doing,” reads one netizen’s comment.

“Why join NCT when that group is already so big… why waste the talent of these rookies? The company could have easily launched a whole new boy band instead,” wrote another.

It remains to be seen what SM Entertainment has planned for the 23-member boy group. Meanwhile, many are wondering how the current members feel about it. What are your thoughts?

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