Netflix buried the blockbuster, but now it’s bringing the iconic brand back from the dead

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In an ironic twist of fate, Netflix is ​​looking to breathe some life into the iconic Blockbuster brand. The streaming service released the first trailer for “Blockbuster,” a show that takes place in the last remaining Blockbuster store in Oregon.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Blockbuster was one of the busiest places in the city, especially on weekends. Families flocked to the video rental giant hoping to get a copy of the latest movie to be released, initially on VHS tape and later on DVD and Blueray. While the company was still able to thrive during the shift from VHS to optical media, it found itself reeling in the early part of the 21st century as streaming services began to take hold. The company finally filed for bankruptcy in 2010, just three short years after Netflix debuted in 2007. Even more ironic, Blockbuster had the opportunity to buy Netflix at one point, but turned down the deal. Oh.

Now Netflix is ​​resurrecting Blockbuster the same way it took its life, through a new show that will be released exclusively on the streaming service. “Blockbuster” will follow store manager Timmy (Randall Parker) and the fight to keep the last remaining Blockbuster open. The first trailer for the show has been released and is scheduled to start on November 3, 2022.

Netflix’s description of the upcoming show reads, “This nostalgic documentary reveals the true story of Blockbuster’s demise and how one last location in Oregon keeps the spirit of a bygone era alive.”

When news of the show and trailer hit Twitter, people quickly began sharing opinions about the Netflix move. One person tweeted, “Netflix making a movie about Blockbuster feels so wild,” while another posted, “Netflix is ​​basically dancing on Blockbuster’s grave here.”

Netflix has found itself in its own harrowing situation in recent months, as it struggles to figure out how to outcompete people sharing their accounts and losing customers as it raises prices. The company projected it would lose 2 million customers in the second quarter after reporting losing 200,000 in the first quarter. So while it might seem to some like the show is criticizing Blockbuster’s fate, it could actually be a premonition of its own story being told by a different company in the future.

For those who have fond memories of renting movies and games at their local Blockbuster, the Netflix show can be bittersweet to watch. As for those too young to remember the rental chain, it might give a bit of perspective as to why their parents and grandparents are so nostalgic for the Blockbuster name.

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