Netflix ‘Doll House’ Movie Review: An Endearing and Sentimental Story!

Dollhouse recently released on Netflix tells a heartwarming and sentimental story of a father and daughter duo. The film takes us through the story of Rustin, a musician who is also a drug addict and tries to change his life forever. He left his wife and son years ago and now decides to reconcile with them or at least learn about them and what he’s been missing. He disguises himself with a name called Clyde and tries to strike up a relationship with his daughter Yumi. He also learns of his wife’s death as he tries to become a better father. Through this movie, we see if Rustin will be able to tell Yumi that he is his biological father and if he will recover from her addiction.

This Filipino movie has a very emotional story and many touching scenes between Rustin and Yumi. Although the story has nothing new, the film can still hold us for an hour and forty-six minutes. The story becomes interesting to watch after Rustin begins to get to know Yumi and spend time with her. Rustin’s character has developed in such a way that we can’t fully accept the way he behaves, but his relationship with Yumi will surely make our hearts melt.

The child actress who played the role of young Yumi has done a splendid job as she takes on her character flawlessly. The chemistry between father and daughter is very visible throughout the cutscenes and dialogue. The other secondary characters are not given any importance and are only used as elements to make the film whole.

The movie starts with the present and then takes us back to the past, which gives us an idea of ​​how the movie could end. We’ve seen such plots in many other movies, and Doll House is no different. Although the creators have tried to give us a twist, it spoils the growth we saw in Rustin as a person. The climax of the film is not something we would like or expect. Had it ended differently, the Doll House would have been a delight to watch.

However, it is a perfect watch for adults as it contains scenes related to drug use. Doll House is a very simple movie that touches our hearts very easily. It has a sentimental ending and can make the audience tearful or unhappy. Someone who loves an endearing movie will be able to watch Doll House with much ease and love.

Final score – [7/10]
Reviewed By – Poornima Balsu
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