Netflix ‘Exception’ Series Review – Finding a New Home

Netflix’s new anime “exception” is directed by Yuzo Sato and is available to watch in both Japanese and English. These are the copies of humans created by The Womb who are sent to find new places for the human species to inhabit. The goal of these copies is to make Planet X-10 suitable for human colonization.

Four human clones: Nina, Patty, Oscar, and Lewis are sent to a spaceship to study Planet X-10. Nina is a doctor, Patty is a botanist, and Lewis and Oscar drive the spaceship together. Together they make a great team until someone plans to shatter their entire plan. When printing Lewis, an error occurs and the true evil plan is revealed.

An accident occurs with Lewis’s body, and he becomes half human and half demon. He doesn’t remember his human self and now poses a threat to the rest of the crew members. The initial episodes were interesting as many adventure scenes were shown. But, as more and more lies and twists are revealed, it seemed pretty hard to keep watching this show.

There is no death for these characters, as even if they die, the rest of the crew members can easily bring them back to life by taking a genetic sample and then making another copy using The Womb. For the series to be interesting, at least a few deaths are required. If we know that no character will die, what’s the point of watching those sci-fi thrillers?

The plot had some messages to convey, such as that humanity should not be selfish and think of other living organisms as well. The series also teaches us to stay with our friends even in the most difficult moments. There’s one thing the plot lacks, which is making the characters, over and over again, say they’re human when they’re not. The idea of ​​The Womb, the human imprint, and the search for a new planet for the human race was great, and despite that, it didn’t mesh properly. The series seems boring and is not able to capture the attention of the audience.

In my opinion, ‘Exception’ has not been made for a larger audience, but will be liked only by a small part of the audience who likes to watch science fiction content. It would have been better if the series was created with a wider audience in mind and fewer medical terms were used. Nude scenes have also been included in the first episode of the series. There are eight episodes in total with an average length of 30 minutes each. In particular, I didn’t like the series’ animation, as it seems too bright, and regular anime watchers may also find it lacking or substandard.

Final score – [6/10]
Reviewed By – Riya Singh
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