Netflix Movie Review ‘Old People’ (2022) – What Do You Watch?

Spooky sounds are heard at the beginning of Old People and a girl, Melissa, who works for an institution that cares for the elderly, enters Mr. Reincke’s house to check on him and notices that the food is rotting and there are insects everywhere. The old man was nowhere to be found inside this house. Him entering the balcony with a fire extinguisher in his hands, he begs Melissa to save him and at the same moment hits her with this heavy object. The man doesn’t stop until Melissa’s skull breaks into pieces.

The narrator warns the audience that things like this will be seen more often in the future and takes us back in time to explain where all the incidents started. Then they take us to Ella and her children Noah and Laura. They are visiting the country to attend Sanna’s (Ella’s sister) wedding to Malick. She divorced her husband Lukas because she wanted to open her law firm in the city, and the children cannot make peace with the fact that now her parents live apart. Ella and Sanna’s father, Aike, lives in a retirement home and they go to visit his father the next day. What they witness at this retreat will send chills down the spine of the audience.

The 101-minute-long Old People was an exciting horror film to watch, but the reasons given behind why that happened weren’t convincing. You can’t explain a mass murder by giving such a stupid reason at the end. However, it is true that the elderly are not usually cared for by their relatives, but that does not mean that they will one day thirst for their blood. In my opinion, fans of suspense and horror movies can watch it, and they shouldn’t expect anything logical since the movie doesn’t offer a justified ending.

The actors played their roles well, and from the beginning of the film, the creators were able to create a sense of suspense that lasted until the end. The plot of this movie was excellent and kept the audience on edge and hooked on the screen. Old People was only missing one thing, and that was to provide a good explanation of the events that transpired. At the beginning and end, the narrator speaks of a future where such events will happen more often, but he does not provide any explanation for them. Also, the beginning and the end weren’t that well connected. This movie gets extra points for the scary scenes and the great acting from the cast (including the old performers).

The German film could have done wonders if it had been planned better. All the right ingredients of an award-winning film are present, but it missed the mark by a few points. Most of the expectations of the audience will not be fulfilled and they will be left thinking that all the chaos that was created was pointless. There are several violent scenes in the film and therefore viewer discretion is advised.

Final score – [6.5/10]
Reviewed By – Riya Singh
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