Netflix Series ‘Holy Family’ Review – Another splendid thriller!

Spanish dramas are well known for their dark themed stories and aggressive concepts. Well, Holy Family joins the pack by catering to these genres. Netflix has released its new drama, Sagrada Familia, which has done what it promised.

The series revolves around a family, who moves to a new neighborhood and ends up stirring up some secrets. The family was there to start a new life, but they can’t escape their past. The neighborhood soon turns into hell. As the series progresses, it is revealed that it is not just the new family, but all the families in the neighborhood have their own secret pasts and history. The neighborhood mothers play a vital role as we see them trying to do everything they can to protect their families when everything turns violent.

This exciting drama has a total of 8 episodes, each lasting from 33 to 40 minutes. The story of the drama is quite promising and will keep us entertained until the end. The story focuses on families and their secrets, so the audience can expect some suspense and drama. We learn some exciting facts about the characters, and the drama will keep us guessing until the very end.

The drama has focused on each of its characters and gives them equal importance, which will help the audience focus on the characters they like from the beginning to the end. Each character has their own twisted and intriguing past and gives us an answer at the end of the drama.

Although the drama can get a bit lazy during the middle of the episodes, it has the power to make up for everything as it gives us an effective plot overall. We are presented with a lot of characters and stories at the same time that it can be overwhelming, but at the same time it promises not to bore us. The mysteries, revelations, and twists included in the drama are sure to leave us on the edge of our seats.

The drama changes the definition of family for us in each of its episodes, making us even more intrigued as to where the characters are headed. The plot of the drama is very smoothly paced, therefore it is quite easy to follow the story despite having so many elements.

The actors have done a spectacular job in interpreting their roles, which adds a plus point to this series. Since mothers play an important role in the series, we can conclude that the Holy Family is centered on women. Overall, Holy Family has managed to do what it promised and gives us a very promising show with entertaining episodes. The series is a perfect watch for the mature audience who likes thrillers and mysteries as this drama is all of that.

Final score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed By – Poornima Balsu
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