Netflix Shadow and Bone New York Comic Con Panel Recap

Shadow and Bone Characters on Netflix

Kit Young, Amita Suman and Freddy Carter as the Ravens.
Image: netflix | david appleby

Deck New York comic-con it is not a sprint, but a marathon. And every once in a while you can take a break and really enjoy a panel. Within the clash of cosplay, incredible artists and a barrage of news, the shadow and bone panel with author Leigh Bardugo Y Stars of the Netflix series Amita Suman (Inej Ghafa), Freddy Carter (Kaz Brekker), Kit Young (Jesper Fahey), and Ben Barnes (General Kirigan/the Dark) was a breath of fresh air.

This was the panel where it really seemed like the cast was having a lot of fun hanging out together and talking to Bardugo about the series. When Bardugo entered with a grand fanfare, he said it was like “entering a wrestling match.” Let it be known that Barnes’s first words at the panel were “I will fight.” The man continued to flirt with everyone the entire time, and frankly, he was charming.

The panel focused a lot on how Bardugo viewed the adaptation and the type of work that went into it. from netflix shadow and bone It is a mix of two of his series within the Grishaverse; its original shadow and bone series (a YA trilogy which, while definitely enjoyable, is relatively standard fare for a YA series) and its Six of Crows duology (a couple of books that became my whole personality for almost eight months, they were that good). When asked what she thought of putting the two properties together, she said that he had the option of doing an adaptation. (Shadow and Bone) and then possibly do a second adaptation later, or “I could smash both vehicles and see what happens.”

The cast seemed to come together very well on set. Bardugo mentioned that during one of his first visits to the set he was in a tent next to the green room.and I could hear the actors singingacross the next door. “I think it was ‘Zero to Hero,’” Young clarified. “Of Hercules?” The cast, it should be noted, refused to perform for the audience. Fair enough, that was clearly a private and special moment.

Speaking of private moments, during the Fan Q&A an audience member asked about a video Barnes has alluded to that shows Carter in his Kaz costume (which includes black leather gloves) eating a banana. “First of all, it was an image,” Barnes said, “and second of all, I made it clear to Freddy:Mister. Carter, as he prefers to be called—Young jumped in, “that’s what his lawyers have told him.”

“Mister. Carter knows that I will only post that photo if he gives me permission,” Barnes said. When asked for an answer, Carter said that “it was an intimate and private moment between friends. Next question.” Barnes immediately responded, “Now seems like a good time to mention that he was naked when I took the picture.”

I know there were far more words written than necessary to convey that this panel was a delightful mess of cast interactions, but I need readers to understand that when I say Freddy Carter turned bright red, I mean he was visible from behind. . of the largest room in NYCC. It was one of the best moments of the panel, which clearly went exactly as Carter planned and was not embarrassing at all.

Another moment worth recounting is when Barnes and Suman reenacted one of their few on-screen interactions on stage. “So here we are, episode eight,” Barnes said, standing at the side of the stage. “We all remember this moment when Inej throws a certain weapon, of which he has many, in the area of ​​the Darkling’s heart. It wasn’t a real knife, so we mimicked this part… but every time for some unknown reason, and no one asked him to do this,” explained Barnes, absolutely playing the audience like a wind-up toy, “Every time Amita threw this particular weapon, this would come out of her mouth… and action.”

Across the stage, Amita Suman, the queen of all my heart, yells “Knife!” and imitates throwing a knife at Barnes. The crowd goes crazy. They do it a second time. Barnes then explained that it became kind of an inside joke and that they just yelled “knife!” each other during production. Another great interaction occurred when a man walked up to the microphone and asked Bardugo how he felt about the fans who had come to his work through the TV show. Bardugo was gracious, of course, saying that the point of the show was to attract new fans. There was a threat of “Knife!” of Suman, but “the more the merrier”, Young said later. “That said,” Bardugo looked directly at the fan, “go buy my books.”

shadow and boneThe second season of will arrive on Netflix in 2023.

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