Netflix with ads arrives next month. This is what you can expect.

Friday is officially here and something else is almost here: Netflix with ads.

After months of talking about it, Netflix has finally released more details about its new subscription tier, “Basic with Ads.” The service will launch in November, but keep in mind that it won’t come with all the bells and whistles that Netflix’s other plans offer.

I’m your host, Jordan Parker Erb. I’ve got the details you’ll want to know about the new Netflix plan, so let’s get started.

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1. Your next Netflix binge could come with ads. At $6.99 per month, the subscription is $3 less than Netflix’s basic ad-free plan, but it will also come with more restrictions. Here’s what we know about the “Basic with Ads” plan, available starting next month:

  • If you sign up for the ad plan, Netflix says you can expect four to five minutes of ads per hour. They will play before and during shows and movies.
  • Some content will be missing from the ad-supported plan due to licensing agreements with other companies. You also won’t be able to download shows or movies, and streaming quality will be capped at 720p.
  • Basic with Ads will be available in Canada on November 1 and in the US and UK on November 3.

Everything you’ll want to know about Netflix with Ads.

In other news:

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2. Apple is even more of a bank now, if you have an Apple Card. The company announced that Apple Card users could automatically deposit cash back rewards into a high-yield savings account, which is operated through a Goldman Sachs partnership. Get the details on the savings account.

3. Wall Street is questioning the “desperate” push of the Meta metaverse. This week, Meta gave the world a glimpse of its latest product reveals, which included, among other things, the launch of avatar legs, and investors aren’t impressed. Why bipedal avatars aren’t enough to placate investors.

4. MacKenzie Scott donated $15 million to help make eyeglasses affordable for millions of people. The philanthropist donated the money to VisionSpring, a social enterprise that provides affordable eyeglasses to those who might not otherwise be able to afford them. Get the full rundown here.

5. Venture capitalists shared their picks for the most promising cloud software startups of 2022. We asked top investors to name the most promising startups they’ve seen this year, both inside and outside their portfolios. The companies they listed range from project management to research and collaboration tools. Here are his 16 picks.

6. TikTok is already Gen Z’s preferred social platform. It could be coming to Spotify next. TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, is talking to record labels about expanding its music streaming services globally, according to The Wall Street Journal. How TikTok is moving to compete with Spotify.

7. Dataminr will soon get a new social media surveillance contract for the White House. Dataminr is in the official Twitter partner program, which gives you more access to Twitter data. It will use the data to provide the White House with news alerts. What we know so far.

8. In a leaked survey, Shopify asked employees if they see Amazon as a rival. In its semi-annual survey, the company asked workers to weigh in on their jobs, co-workers and managers, as well as what they thought of e-commerce giant Amazon. This is what Shopify asked their staff.


pole star 3.

Polar Star

9. Polestar has finally pulled the wraps off its long-awaited third vehicle: the Polestar 3. The $84,000 electric SUV promises 300 miles of range, plenty of tech, and a minimalist interior. Take a look at the EV that rivals Tesla and BMW.

10. The James Webb telescope captured a stunning image of a rare “fingerprint” in space. Once every eight years, two stars orbit each other, resulting in concentric rings of light radiating from the pair. Take a closer look at the fingerprint.

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