Netflix’s Blonde Has The Scariest Movie Scene Of 2022

The following contains spoilers for Blonde, which is now streaming on Netflix.

by Andrew Dominic Blond brings a fictional version of the myth of Marilyn Monroe. The film is based on the novel of the same title by Joyce Carol Oates. Though it strays far from the documented truth of Marilyn’s life and personality, the NC-17-rated film could have presented the scariest scene of 2022 in a subtle yet haunting way.

Blonde’s horror steadily grows throughout the film

Throughout the fictional portrayal of Marilyn Monroe’s life, Blond represents the three times Marilyn lost her unborn child. While all of them were full of horror in one way or another, the last time it seems to combine all the horror of the previous two. Marilyn’s first termination is traumatic, forceful and filled with remorse. The trauma already twists reality, seeing himself escaping from the operating table. The second time, the horror comes in the form of blood that comes out of nowhere.

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The late-night attack scene depicting Marilyn’s third miscarriage features the kind of horror that could have been pulled straight out of an R-rated movie. Towards the end of Blond, Marilyn is mentally ill. She is depressed and not herself, as she is on drugs and drinks heavily. The scene follows her relationship with JFK, hinting at the tragic and forceful end to her third pregnancy.

Even before the scene of the night attack, she was drugged and trafficked by two Secret Service agents. The idea of ​​being “watched” and “controlled” is intertwined with the fact that she is not in total control of her life. She is also losing her mental understanding of what is going on. The scariest scene in the film takes the fiction in an even more disturbing direction. Shooting in black and white night vision, Blond delivers the most horrific scene of 2022, conflating the protagonist’s perceived nightmare and her prior trauma with what could have happened.

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What happens in the most horrible scene in Blonde?

During the night, Marilyn thought she heard someone in the house and got up. She convinced herself that no one was there, but the scene clearly captured a man in her house. The next thing she knew, she was attacked. Waking up on an operating table, she was forced to perform another abortion. Similar to the previous horror, the camera entered her body for a shocking and traumatic experience, though only hinted at.

For Marilyn, the experience was a nightmare. She was convinced that it never happened, although the blood that covered her belly when she awoke from her suggested otherwise. The technique of using night vision is very common in horror movies. In the climactic scene of The silence of the lambs, as Clarice investigates a dark basement, Buffalo Bill watches her through infrared goggles. Also, the scene of the night attack in Blond hints at an eye of prey behind the scenes.

The true horror is not entirely visible to the film’s protagonist or viewers. It’s not what’s immediately on the scene that’s terrifying, but the unknown danger and hidden agenda lurking in the dark presented from the observer’s perspective that makes this scene more horrifying than others. Although it may not be as explicit or gory in nature, the subtle twist on reality and the unknown is enough to haunt viewers.

Blonde is available to stream on Netflix.

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