Netflix’s Creepy, Kooky and Spooky ‘Wednesday’ Full Trailer Is Here, Complete with Christina Ricci

addams family Fans, it’s time to strap on a witch’s shawl and a broom you can crawl on, because Netflix – and Tim Burton – will be calling out the most famous supernatural brood in popular culture. In November, the streaming platform will launch Wednesday, the series set in high school about the teenage daughter of the mysterious family. And, in a way, there is more than one Wednesday on offer.

To answer the obvious question, yes, the show will premiere on a Wednesday: Wednesday, November 23, in fact. To answer her next two queries, yes, Christina Ricci is in the cast, but no, she’s not playing the lead, because that honor goes to Jenna Ortega.

Ortega is having a good year, especially when it comes to terror. this new version the addams family Follow your papers on Scream, studio 666 Y X already in 2022. When he shares the screen with Ricci, as seen in the new just released Wednesday trailer, the latter plays Nevermore Academy teacher Marilyn Thornill.

As also shown in the opening trailer from August, Wednesday It obviously focuses on its namesake, aka Addams’ eldest son, to whom many teenage girls with long black hair have been compared for decades. Wednesday is actually a teenager in the new series, and she’s been terrorizing her way through schools, skipping through eight of them in five years. She has now ended up at Nevermore Academy, where her mother presents her with an apology: “excuse me Wednesday, she’s allergic to color.”

Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones, Prodigal son) met Gómez (Luis Guzmán, high town) at school, and they think he’ll love it, but clearly Wednesday’s story isn’t going to be that simple. While she’s there, she’ll have to stop a monstrous murder spree and a supernatural mystery tied to her parents a quarter of a century ago to solve.

Detectives, high school shenanigans and all things addams family: that’s the spell that Wednesday plans to launch. It’s also part of the series, as seen in the trailers so far: a spooky, wacky, mysterious, spooky vibe, befitting a family that’s been around for 84 years, and still scampering across screens big and small like a naughty amputated member.

Wednesday makes great strides, since it is not the first time that the addams family has made the leap from a beloved cartoon in the new yorker to the screen The 1960s TV series is a period gem, and the 1991 live-action movie the addams family and its 1993 sequel Addams Family Values — starring Ricci as Wednesday — are two of the best movies of that decade. (However, the less said about the recent animated film and its own follow-up, the better.)

In Burton, the show features a director who could easily be one of the team’s long-lost relatives, and has spent his entire career channeling his goth aesthetic.

In fact, the trailers look like Burton is leaking his frankenweenie, beetle juice Y Edward Scissorhands vibrations through Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children — so, it looks exactly like a Tim Burton-directed version of the addams family always went to

The eight-episode Netflix series also stars Isaac Ordóñez (A wrinkle in time) like Pugsley and George Burcea (detective comrade) as Lurch, while game of ThronesGwendoline Christie will also appear.

And, in the latest trailer, the new Uncle Fester is revealed, played by Fred Armisen (the spookys).

Watch the full trailer for Wednesday down:

Wednesday will stream via Netflix beginning Wednesday, November 23.

Images: Courtesy of Netflix © 2022.

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