Netflix’s Do Revenge has a big problem with its sinister Mean Girls

The following contains spoilers for Do Revenge, which is now streaming on Netflix.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Netflix get revenge This is how Drea and Eleanor decide on their plan. Drea hates her classmates at her Miami high school, so she intends to use Eleanor as a spy. She even hatches a plot for the wallflower to infiltrate the inner circle she once was a part of and destroy it from within. However, as all the drama and intrigue unfolds, a big problem arises with how the girls execute this nefarious plot.

Do Revenge has strict rules for their alliance

Drea and Eleanor stay off the grid, not letting anyone know they know each other. Thus, with Eleanor new to school and ignored, Drea manages to transform her, turning her into one of the bourgeoisie. This way, Eleanor can have an affair with Drea’s ex, Max (who leaked Drea’s sex tape), and get revenge on the “friends” who turned on her when she beat up Max.

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It seems foolproof, with Eleanor able to get a lot of dirt on her and her classmates not realizing it. In fact, the scheme is so good that Drea keeps going further and further. She becomes completely obsessed, but it’s understandable since she has a winning formula because no one knows that she and Eleanor are friends.

Do Revenge doesn’t really keep his secret

Now, while it appears that Drea and Eleanor are invisible, there are instances where it’s clear they know each other or drop the ruse. First of all, they are shopping in public at fancy stores to get clothes for Eleanor, which is a risk since these are the places where the elites go. Seeing that Drea hated, anyone could see her, and Eleanor’s cover would be blown. Plus, they gather throughout the school in places that aren’t subtle, from the classroom to a garden where security stopped a weeding operation.

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And they do not hide how they dance in public, wink at each other and communicate with each other. It is true that the elites are blind to everyone else, but these two teenagers are of interest. Finally, when Drea gets jealous of how rich kids throw Eleanor a party, she storms off, which is the dumbest movie possible. She also paints a red flag for Max, since she likes Eleanor. All Drea had to do was be patient and talk to Eleanor privately about her birthday party, but instead, she sells her connection and puts Max on high alert. Unfortunately, this ruins the illusion that Drea is a mastermind, as she comes across as petty and selfish.

See how Drea and Eleanor screw up their own plan in Do Revenge, now available on Netflix.

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