Netflix’s Yasuke Gets Second Volume of His Manga Adaptation

While news of the anime’s second season is forthcoming, Netflix’s Yasuke manga adaptation has already published its second volume.

In a twist from the normal manga to anime adaptations, Netflixfan favorite anime Yasuke is receiving a second manga adaptation ahead of the anime’s second season debut.

Netflix anime series Yasuke, which was created by LeSean Thomas of the boondocks Y black dynamite fame, and produced by cutting-edge animation production unit Studio MAPPA, is inspired by the true-life story of the eponymous 16th-century samurai who served as a close confidant to Oda Nobunaga, who began the process that would eventually unify Japan under one government. What made Yasuke so unique was that he was African and not Japanese. While these records are clear of his time in Nobunaga’s service, after Nobunaga’s defeat, little remains clear of what happened to Yasuke. This gives the creators of the Netflix series extensive creative license to explore the contours of the character.


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In a twist from the traditional manga to anime adaptation, the six-episode series, which originally aired in April 2021, was so well received that it inspired a manga adaptation. The initial manga adaptation, which was written and scripted by Satoshi Okunishi, debuted on July 27, 2021 at Shogakukan publishing house. Monthly Spirits manga anthology. While Okinishi’s manga has, for the most part, stayed true to the anime’s story, in some respects he has pushed its boundaries to include a more fantasy-oriented, rather than fact-based, story. While nothing has yet been said about whether a second season of Yasuke is available, the second volume of the manga was released last month in September 2022.

Is Yasuke historically accurate?

Like the anime series, the manga takes a number of creative liberties in telling its story. The middle of the manga allows the author an even greater opportunity to delve into the “once upon a time” aspects of Yasuke’s story after the historical records of his situation are finished. However, being based on an actual historical figure, the anime series and manga have been continually viewed through the lens of historical accuracy. The lack of clarity of his “forever” life leaves plenty of room for the creators to explore the character and time period while staying within the confines of what is historically accurate. But this view misses the point of the series. Even historical anime and manga have rarely been presented as accurate, but rather creative interpretations of history. In this regard, the anime and manga do a solid job of telling an interesting story.

Accepting the fact that the series is more mythology than reality, fan support is key to its continued success. While Netflix has yet to express by Yasuke future after the first season, the story seems to have found a strong support network among its manga fans. This support, if dedicated enough, could return the story to the traditional manga-anime development cycle. I mean, I could convince Netflix greenlight a second season Yasuke.

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Yasuke It is now streaming on Netflix.

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