Nigel Farage Draws Parallels Between Political Ridicule and Bitcoin Ideology

Former UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage compared his experience as a political outcast to what is happening with the Bitcoin movement.

Known as a Eurosceptic, the former Member of the European Parliament (MEP), who served until the UK’s departure from the EU, has expressed numerous “anti-establishment” views in the past, including condemnation of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. , questioning climate change data and opposing bank bailouts.

His unwillingness to “tow the line” has earned him a reputation as a political maverick. At the same time, his outspoken views, mainly related to immigration, have also resulted in ridicule.

Farage is now flying the flag for Bitcoin, calling it “the ultimate freedom.”

Farage sees Bitcoin as an economic insurgency

Speaking at Bitcoin Amsterdam, What Bitcoin Did podcast host Peter McCormack alluded to Farage’s incongruous presence at the conference, asking him, “What are you doing here?”

Farage said he “led a political insurgency” against the establishment for which he was criticized as “crazy, bad and dangerous.” He compared his challenges to the status quo to the Bitcoin movement and said that both are forms of dissent. But in the case of Bitcoin, you are taking a financial position.

Farage added:

“What I think is happening with Bitcoin is that we are seeing a similar type of insurgency. This is an economic insurgency, and it is being driven and directed by people who are concerned about the size and scale of big government.”

With that, his desire for freedom and independence makes the Bitcoin conference and community “a perfectly natural place to be.”

McCormack chimed in to agree, saying that BTC is a politically unpopular idea with investors tarnished as terrorists and financial criminals.

the power of the people

In bringing about change, Farage mentioned that any radical new idea, whether political, scientific, or monetary, is subject to ridicule and resistance.

However, to change the negative narrative surrounding Bitcoin, the former MEP called on supporters to do their part by speaking out to friends and acquaintances, “going after” political representatives, and building a grassroots movement that draws power and influence from the numbers. Farage said:

“Actually, you all have a lot more power than you realize…While I was building the Purple Revolution, from literally a few dozen of us in the pub to millions of supporters across the country, the phrase I used to use was: ‘Join to the people’s army.

Offering his expertise in overcoming the establishment and bringing about real change, Farage said it happens once a million people join.

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