NYCC 2022: Author Randee Dawn Brings Entertainment Insights to Her Novel “Tune in Tomorrow”

The novelist and entertainment journalist also partnered with Tea and Absinthe to create a custom tea for the book, tune in tomorrow.

Strolling the show floor at New York Comic Con, you’ll see plenty of crossovers and mash-ups, some seeming natural and others playfully absurd. And then there are the combinations that make absolutely perfect sense, like tea and books.

Author Randee Dawn has partnered with Tea & Absinthe, a popular tea company known for its fandom-related and themed products, to create a special tea tied to her recently released contemporary fantasy novel, tune in tomorrow (published by Solaris Books, an imprint of Rebellion Developments, August 2022). Dawn, who signed books at the Tea & Absinthe booth on Friday and Saturday, drew on her background as an entertainment journalist, her knowledge of “backstage stuff and shenanigans and how sausage is made,” to create his fictional world.

Author and tea aficionado Randee Dawn teamed up with Tea & Absinthe at New York Comic Con

The novel features a reality show called tune in tomorrow directed and made for mythical creatures starring humans.

“Mythical creatures will not want to see game of ThronesThey’re going to want to see things that seem very mundane to us,” explained Dawn. “They won’t care about dragons, they care…writing checks! Or embezzlement! Or adultery!… And that was what led me to write about reality shows and soap operas.”

Where does the tea come in? The human actors in tune in tomorrow everyone gets a brownie, a type of helper fairy who, according to fairy lore, lives in the house, a concept Dawn transferred to the dressing room. These brownies essentially act as interns and have to do whatever the actors ask of them… even turn into tea if the human fancy a cup. And the tea tastes different depending on which brownie is broken down.

“But the good news is that they do reconstitute…and it’s good not to ask too many questions about how that happens,” Dawn joked.

As a heavy tea drinker and long-time fan of Tea & Absinthe, Dawn reached out to partner, never imagining she would end up in NYCC. “I’ve never been to Comic Con so this is totally awesome!” she said.

tune in tomorrow

Customers who purchased the book received some limited edition brownie tea bags, custom made to complement the novel. “This tastes more like real brownies than what you might think an auxiliary brownie would taste like,” explained Dawn, who had a hand in designing the tea. The company sent her samples of various types of tea and she chose the one that tasted the most like chocolate. “It’s not hot chocolate you’re drinking, but you definitely get a strong chocolate flavor. I really love the taste myself.”

Dawn’s exclusive book display was originally a custom cake stand left over from her book launch party at Chicon8. The specially designed cake, created by Mark Lie, resembled a book cover on an old television screen.

Weather tune in tomorrow is a stand-alone book, Dawn has ideas for a possible sequel set in the same universe. She is also working on a separate novel project.

As an entertainment journalist, Dawn has had the opportunity to see how movies and television work behind the scenes. Although knowing too much she can spoil her own enjoyment: “Sometimes, I wish I could eternal sun myself,” she joked: She loves the experience of interviewing interesting people, including Neil Gaiman, Tom Sturridge and Ke Huy Quan.

“I get to indulge in a lot of my geek interests when I’m doing my job,” he said. “People always say, ‘Write what you know,’ and this is what I know, and here it is in the book!”

In tune in tomorrowSmall-town girl Starr Weatherby is offered a big part in a reality show made for the Fae’s entertainment. As Starr becomes a fan favorite, she learns about the darkest part of the show and the mysterious disappearance of her predecessor. Although she is determined to keep her dream job, her actions threaten to bring down the entire show.

Additionally, Dawn hosts the Rooftop Readings at Ample Hills Creamery in Gowanus, Brooklyn, where once a month 3-4 authors read their novels and the audience listens while enjoying ice cream (included in the price of admission).

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