Obsidian Entertainment Shoots Down Fallout: New Vegas Rumors

When you think of an intellectual property, especially a blockbuster franchise, you often expect only one creator to go on to create those games. After all, they’re usually the ones who created the franchise in the first place, so why would they give it to someone else? Except this happens all the time in game development. There comes a time or a situation where another team is brought in to lead a new vision for the game, or the original team leaves and a new team is brought in to carry on the legacy. For him Fall franchise, multiple groups have worked on it throughout its 25 years of life. That includes Obsidian Entertainment through the incredibly popular Fallout New Vegas.

how famous is he Fallout New Vegas? Well most people rank it in the top two of the franchise the other is Fallout 3, and most fans want the game to have a sequel. Fans have been waiting and asking for one for quite some time, and there have been many rumors about a new sequel to the game over the years. One of them happened recently from an industry insider who said the teams at Obsidian Entertainment and Microsoft were “very interested” in making a sequel. So that’s something to get your hopes up, right?

Not that much. In a new tweet celebrating the franchise’s 25th anniversary, Obsidian made a post thanking the franchise for everything and making it very clear where he stands right now.

Yeah, it looks like they’re pretty busy at the moment and they won’t be making another game in the franchise just yet. If you don’t know what they’re working on, that would be The Outer Wilds 2. The first title was his spin on a Fall-like a universe with a vast open world and many game options. It was a huge success and Obsidian was praised for his creative vision in creating the title’s world and story. So it’s not much of a surprise that they want to devote their full attention to that right now instead of a sequel to another franchise they don’t directly own.

If you’re thinking, “but can’t they work on two games at once?” the answer is they could, but what makes you think they aren’t doing it already? For all we know, they could be working on another title right now, if not a whole new franchise for fun.

That said, Bethesda’s own Todd Howard recently admitted that fallout 5 was in development. So if you long for another adventure in the post-apocalyptic world, you will have it. It just won’t be from Obsidian Entertainment. So don’t ask them about the potential of a new vegas continuation. Have your plates filled with a few other things, and we’re sure it will be fantastic.

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