Peter Brandt Says Every Bitcoin Purchase in 2021 is a Loss, Bollinger and Saylor Respond

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Brandt trolls the laser eye movement once again.

In a tweet on Friday, veteran trader Peter Brandt called out the people who donned the famous laser eyes, wondering if any of them would have expected all purchases in 2021 to be losses by now.

“Okay, let’s be honest,” Brandt tweeted. “How many people who sprouted laser eyes in 2021 would have believed that every BTC purchase throughout the year would currently be a losing trade?”

Following up on the tweet, Brandt concede who would never have believed at the time that the asset would ever trade below $20k again.

John Bollinger and Michael Saylor respond

Unsurprisingly, Brandt’s scathing tweets have drawn several responses from crypto Twitter. For example, veteran trader and technical analysis contributor John Bollinger revealed that he felt Brandt’s comments were a bit harsh, as, according to the analyst, people learn from mistakes, not scolding. .

Meanwhile, MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor claimed that the laser eyes represented a long-term belief in Bitcoin based on its ethical, technical, and economic value proposition. Furthermore, the Bitcoin evangelist pointed out that other important financial assets are also under water.

A little history about laser eyes

While Saylor’s claims may be what laser eyes have come to represent, it’s worth mentioning that their original intent is nothing that sophisticated.

The iconic symbolism was created in February 2021 by a Bitcoin insider known only as CHAIRFORCE. The creator of the meme and his crew were simply Bitcoin lovers who loved Bitcoin and, perhaps more, loved trolling others who didn’t, according to a Bitcoin Magazine article written by the creator.

Notably, CHAIRFORCE and friends released the profile pictures following a spark of inspiration when Bitcoin hit the $50k price tag with the hashtag #LaserRayUntil100K.

Brandt’s Bitcoin Outlook

It is worth mentioning that Bitcoin has yet to achieve the much-desired $100k price tag. However, the asset has remained constrained by increasingly difficult macroeconomic conditions that have caused investors to take risks.

In particular, Brandt, who has a track record of accurately predicting the price action of the main asset in June, voiced the belief that Bitcoin could drop to $12k.

Despite claiming to be a long-term bull and Bitcoin holder, the veteran trader has continued to warn that the major asset has as much chance of going to zero as it is of going to the moon. According to Brandt, it is very likely that human ingenuity, in the future, will provide us with something that will outperform Bitcoin and render the asset obsolete in the future.

Brandt once donned a soft version of laser eyes as an expression of his skepticism.

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