QIIB launches ‘special offer’ for salary transfers, personal and car finance

QIIB launched a special offer for salary transfers to QIIB from other banks, as well as personal finance and car financing, with exceptional benefits and QIIB points rewards.
The offer, which is valid from October 16 to November 30, allows customers who transfer their salaries and liabilities to QIIB to receive a reward of up to 50,000 points, based on their salary transfer.
In addition, the offer allows customers to receive ‘2022 QIIB points’ for every 10,000 QR of net financing through mobile or Internet banking.

QIIB Deputy Executive Director Jamal Abdullah al-Jamal

Regarding customers who receive financing from the bank’s branches, they will obtain a reward of 2022 QIIB points for each QR20,000 of net financing.
Customers who receive financing can benefit from a grace period of up to 12 months for Qataris and three months for residents.
The offer is available to all QIIB clients and non-clients who transfer their liabilities and salaries to QIIB.
Commenting on the launch of the Auto and Personal Finance and Salary Transfer offer, QIIB Deputy CEO Jamal Abdullah al-Jamal said: “This offer is part of our ongoing work to improve the banking experience for our customers. clients according to the best standards. They can now organize their financial priorities through this unique opportunity designed to meet the aspirations of the largest possible segment of customers.”
He said: “QIIB’s customer base expansion is still continuing at a fast pace. This offer that we are launching today is intended to further encourage clients to join QIIB’s rapidly growing client base, especially due to the benefits and rewards being made available to clients along with competitive earning rates for financing”.
Al-Jamal noted: “This offer has taken into account the various customer segments and is available through bank branches and digital platforms (mobile and internet banking). This has been done to keep pace with the evolution of the banking sector and encourage customers to use alternative digital channels to benefit from the benefits of the new offer, although they still have the option of seeking the traditional methods available through branches. ”.
The Deputy General Manager expressed satisfaction with the “positive feedback” from clients on the rapid development of services and products provided by QIIB and the advanced digital methods made available by the bank, which brought clients exceptional benefits that meet the their aspirations and keep pace with international standards in the provision of banking products and services.
He encouraged customers to take advantage of this special offer, which was launched based on extensive market research and in which the bank looked at various factors such as competition, funding rates, customer wants and needs, and current trends. and future.
Customers who wish to take advantage of this offer can visit the nearest QIIB branch for salary transfers. And for funding, customers must log in to the online or mobile banking app, submit their funding request, and upload the required documents. This service is available 24×7.
Customers can also obtain financing through branches and can contact the bank 24 hours a day.
For more information, customers can call 4484000 or visit the bank’s official website www.qiib.com.qa.

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