R. Kiyosaki Says ‘Fake Cash, Stocks & Bonds Are Toast’, Recommends Buying Bitcoin

The current broader market volatility has left investors struggling to identify the right assets to invest in, even as the global economy faces potential collapse. In particular, traditional financial products like stocks, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies are vying to stand out as potential buffers amid the prevailing high-inflation environment.

In this line, author of the personal finance book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Robert Kiyosaki has stressed that investors should opt for Bitcoin (BTC) and precious metals, calling cash, stocks and bonds “toast” in a cheep on October 7

Global central banks ‘exposed’

According to Kiyosaki, confidence in traditional financial investment products has been challenged by initiatives by global central banks to curb skyrocketing inflation. Kiyosaki cited the Bank of England’s recent market intervention move to stabilize the economy by announcing a program to buy long-term bonds.

“Why buy gold, silver, Bitcoin? Bank of England pivot means buying more GSBC. When pensions nearly collapsed, it was exposed that central banks can’t fix… INFLATION. Pension has always invested in G&S. Pension funds now invest in Bitcoin. They know that fake dollars, stocks and bonds are fried,” Kiyosaki said.

Previously, Kiyosaki has maintained his position on precious metals and cryptocurrencies, noting that they will likely survive the ongoing bear market.

Possible fall of the dollar

He also took issue with the government’s increased printing of money, noting that the dollar would likely collapse within a few months. In this case, the author, projecting the end of the dollar, advised that silver could be an ideal replacement. He suggested that the precious metal is likely to rally to $500.

Additionally, Kiyosaki has criticized market players who take issue with the crypto bear market, noting that the same applies to stocks and the bond market.

It’s worth noting that Kiyosaki’s push for cryptocurrencies was highlighted recently by global fiat currencies falling against the dollar. For example, the drop caused investors to increasingly venture into Bitcoin, as highlighted by GBP/BTC trading volume.

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