She-Hulk Ruined An Iconic Look From Netflix’s Marvel TV

One thing that fans have eagerly awaited in She-Hulk: Lawyer has been the arrival of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil from his titular Netflix original series. Admittedly, it seemed like the Marvel Cinematic Universe was just teasing fans by dragging out Matt Murdock’s debut in his iconic yellow suit. Thankfully, Matt finally made it to Episode 8, “Ribbit and Rip It” to help Jennifer Walters, not only with Leap-Frog, but with her own love life.

Few audience members could have predicted that the two heroic lawyers would hit it off so quickly, hooking up on their first night out. Still, as sudden as it may seem, Jen deserves someone sane and selfless, which Matt clearly is. Interestingly, though they partnered on the field, there’s one epic moment that proves Jen really is an Incredible Hulk, but sadly spoils something iconic from Netflix’s Marvel TV vision.

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She-Hulk smashes the hallway fight

In episode 8, Leap-Frog kidnaps Luke Jacobson, thinking he built him a horrible costume. This causes Jen and Matt to team up for work after falling out with each other. At first, Jen doesn’t think Leap-Frog, her client, might have a mental health condition, but as Matt tells her, she’s inexperienced. They then talk about approaching Leap-Frog’s warehouse and goons, with Matt being too condescending to Jen and underestimating her.

Once they decide to make their move, Matt wants Jen to follow suit. When he secretly infiltrates the warehouse to take out a group of thugs, Matt proves that he’s all about stealth instead of smash. This leads to a group of thugs that Leap-Frog has at his disposal line up behind Matt in a hallway, only for She-Hulk to crash through the ceiling. When she tells Matt to “She-Hulk smash”, she shows that she too can own the moment, which Matt certainly likes.

While She-Hulk crashes saves time, still, seeing Matt in the MCU letting loose like that again would have been a great homage to the past. Of course, it’s understandable that Marvel Studios would want to differentiate their version of Daredevil. Still, the choreography of Matt’s fight scenes is a welcome aspect of his character and Netflix’s Marvel properties in general. In addition to showing that Matt is still an expert in combat, he would also show Jen that his arrogance is not unfounded.

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Netflix’s Marvel TV Loves The Hallway Fight

Considering that hallway fights were a staple of the Reckless series, many fans expected to see it replicated with Matt in she-hulk. In the Netflix original series, Matt showed just how brutal he could be, with one-take, one-follow-up sequences that really added to the dynamic action of his show. This was also seen in the violent prison melee in The Punisher, although the Frank Castle fight was much bloodier. Even defenders had its own scene in the hallway, when Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Danny Rand joined Daredevil against the Hand.

The pattern that the Netflix series established is that these ground-level heroes couldn’t be pigeonholed, nodding to other action franchises like older boy Y the Raid. In the process, Marvel TV showed a grittier edge, which also had the heroes getting beaten up in these sequences. Still, they would rise above it, with these hallway scenes reminding fans of their resilience in the midst of physical challenges. One has to wonder how aggressive Daredevil would have been against Leap-Frog’s army, although Jen’s solution isn’t bad. After all, she is much more efficient than the long fights of old, allowing them to stop Leap-Frog’s toxic vendetta. Unfortunately, it also came at the cost of a bit of nostalgia for those who still miss what Netflix and Marvel achieved.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law airs Thursdays on Disney+.

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