Skybound Entertainment Reveals It’s Developing Games Based On The Invincible Comics

Skybound Entertainment has revealed that it is working on a video game adaptation of Invincible. The multi-platform entertainment company announced this earlier in the week and revealed that the game will be part of the 20 games in the franchise.the anniversary celebrations to be held next year. However, the company declined to provide any further details on the planned games.

The Invincible was recently adapted into a widely acclaimed animated series on Amazon Prime.

In addition to the games, Skybound intends to release a facsimile edition reprint of Invincible #1, Invincible Undeluxe #1 one-shot, Invincible Compendium Vol.1 HC, Invincible Vol.1 (New Edition), and the Invincible Universe Compendium. , among other things. .

Robert Kirkman, who wrote the series, had this to say in a press release: “Wow, twenty years! I can’t believe it. Invincible is something that Cory, Ryan and I have dedicated a lot of our lives to. Now that it’s being discovered by an infinitely larger audience, it’s great to see it live in so many different forms. It’s very rewarding to know that people will fall in love with Invincible for years to come.”

The comics tell the coming-of-age story of Mark Grayson, son of earth’s mightiest hero.

Other people who worked on the Invincible comics include Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley, who provided the illustrations. Kirkman wrote and published all 144 issues of the series over a 15-year period beginning in January 2003. The series was popular and well-liked by many comic book fans, but did not gain much traction elsewhere in the entertainment complex.

In 2021, Amazon Prime adapted the comics into an animated series. It was released to widespread acclaim from critics and fans, resulting in an exponential rise in popularity. Following its reception, Amazon renewed the show for a second and third season, while fans began clamoring for the comics to be adapted into other media formats.

The Invincible follows Mark Grayson, a 17-year-old high school student and son of the world’s most powerful superhero, Omni-Man, as he begins to exhibit superpowers of his own. Grayson, also known as Invincible, uses his powers for good and to protect those he loves.

Aside from the Invincibles, Kirkman is one of the brains behind The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Outcast, Oblivion Song, Marvel Zombies, and Ultimate X-Men for both Image Comics and Marvel Comics. And what is more? He is the founder of Skybound Entertainment.

In other news, Amazon Prime’s new big project Rings of Power teases the return of Sauron in its season finale trailer. Also, in what will be great news for fans of the DC Extended Universe, Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam is wowing critics who had the chance to see it before. It will be released on October 21 to the public.

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