–SPEEDVISION will launch on free-to-air ad-supported television (FAST) platforms worldwide in fall 2022 with over 500 hours of exclusive and fan-favorite vehicle programming–

WASHINGTON, October 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SPEEDVISION, the network brand that started the in-car entertainment revolution, returns with the high-octane programming that made it the standard by which all other in-vehicle media is measured. This fall, SPEEDVISION will debut more than 500 hours of premium content as a free ad-supported television (FAST) network. The extensive lineup of programming features renowned talent and experts; included Wayne Carini, bill goldberg, Mark Worman, stacey davidanstead ant ray everham, and more. With its distinctive blend of highly entertaining storytelling, iconic hosts and industry-standard production values, SPEEDVISION will once again reclaim its title as the ultimate destination for passionate car viewers.

SPEEDVISION, the definitive brand of in-car entertainment, returns as a free ad-supported television network (FAST)

SPEEDVISION is led by the founder and president, Robert Scanlonco-founder of the original network in 1995. Backed by a group of advisors that includes wrestling superstar, bill goldbergauto And Vehicle Racing Tycoon, rick hendrickand recognized sales leader in the advertising industry, joe abruzzo, SPEEDVISION’s leadership team has an established track record of driving audience, revenue and growth. At launch, the network will be available on nine FAST platforms; including Redbox, Plex, TCL CHANNEL, MyBundle.TV, VIDAA, LocalNow, TheGrio, Sports.tv and Mansa.

“The original SPEEDVISION was the best media brand ever offered to the car enthusiast audience and those fans still see it as the pinnacle in the genre,” said Scanlon. “I know from firsthand experience that the team of content creators and strategic partners we have recruited for the new SPEEDVISION will match and build on the legacy of the original, which has been imitated many times but never equalled.”

As the architect of the original SPEEDVISION, Scanlon has extensive experience creating premium content that uniquely caters to the entertainment tastes of the self-identified car enthusiast audience of over 30 million in the US. His time leading motorsports at ESPN and the launch of The Velocity Network for Discovery has allowed him to forge deep connections with the most acclaimed content creators and experts in the automotive space. From build shows and garage content, to automotive history and auction programming, SPEEDVISION will launch with a programming lineup that is diverse, compelling and has established appeal.

“I’ve been a SPEEDVISION superfan since the ’90s and it remains my favorite network of all time,” said Goldberg. “It is a timeless brand that represents all that is best in the world of vehicles. It is the brightest minds in automotive culture who reveal vehicles and provide information that cannot be found anywhere else. SPEEDVISION is on the way to a astronomical growth, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the team that is bringing this great network back to all the legacy fans who have been waiting for this day, and introducing it to all the new ones who will fall in love after seeing it.”

SPEEDVISION will be available to viewers free of charge and without a formal subscription through the rapidly expanding FAST platform, providing a parallel engagement model to linear television. The FAST format also allows SPEEDVISION to meaningfully connect its coveted car-loving audience directly with the endemic multi-billion dollar vehicle advertising market.

“SPEEDVISION is tailor-made for the FAST format, delivering premium vehicle programming directly to the premium automotive enthusiast audience without a subscription fee or cost to the consumer,” said Abruzzese. “This content is also highly desirable to the market with its ad-ready format and endless opportunities for integration into the show. It’s a formula for significant success.”

“From the car business to racing to collecting, I’ve spent my life around cars,” Hendrick said. “Sooner or later, no media brand has captured the spirit of car culture like SPEEDVISION. It was so successful for so long because of the way experience, authenticity and respect for the audience was reflected in the content. The return of SPEEDVISION is long overdue and will be a great victory for all car enthusiasts.”

SPEEDVISION is available on the following FAST platforms; Redbox, Plex, TCL CHANNEL, MyBundle.TV, VIDAA, LocalNow, TheGrio, Sports.tv and Mansa. More information on how to watch SPEEDVISION can be found at Speedvisionnetwork.com. Robert Scanlon leads content strategy and production for SPEEDVISION and Tim O’Neil leads business development and operations. SPEEDVISION is connected with distribution partners around the world by WURL, the leader in driving CTV distribution, advertising and marketing in the world. Creative support for SPEEDVISION is provided by Alter ego.

Visit SpeedvisionNetwork.com for more information on network programming, information on how to watch SPEEDVISION, and to sign up for email updates. SPEEDVISION is @speedvisiontv on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube Y tik tok.

SPEEDVISION Programming Board Highlights


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SPEEDVISION is the ultimate automotive entertainment brand resurrected in 2022 to meet the current content needs of millions of passionate vehicle viewers. With over 500 hours of premium content featuring straightforward storytelling, iconic hosts and industry-standard production values, SPEEDVISION is the ultimate destination for the best in automotive content. Available at no cost as an ad-supported free television network, SPEEDVISION represents an optimal opportunity for advertisers to directly engage with a deeply engaged audience of genuine car enthusiasts. To find out how to watch SPEEDVISION, go to SpeedvisionNetwork.com


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