Tekken: Bloodline: 3 Things I Loved About The Netflix Series And 2 Things I Hope Will Improve If Season 2 Comes Around

When I first found out there was going to be a Netflix Tekken series, I, of course, clenched my fist and electricity ran through my fingers. That’s because I LOVE Tekken! I’ve loved it ever since the first game came out on the original Playstation, and I’m so excited for Tekken 8. In other words, I’m deeply interested in who will be the Iron Fist Tournament King.

With Tekken: bloodline being away for a few weeks, I’ve finally been able to fully digest it and come to a real opinion on it. Because I love some of the streamer’s animated series, like Castlevania (where I even ranked the top ten episodes), while other anime, like Godzilla: Singular PointIt could use some major improvements. Then where Tekken: bloodline stop? Well, you’re about to find out.

Oh, and some spoilers ahead.

Jin and Hwoarang in Tekken Bloodline

(Image credit: Netflix)

Loved: the animation is amazing

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