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CW brings you the latest in arts and entertainment news from across the Canberra region. This week’s highlights: The winners of the People’s Choice Awards for portraiture are announced, and a documentary offers an intimate look at the consequences of China’s one-child policy.

2023 Season of Bell Shakespeare

2023 marks 400 years since Shakespeare First Folio. To celebrate the milestone, the Bell Shakespeare Theater Company will take the stage with a contemporary version of two plays from the folio.

One of Shakespeare’s most beloved works, Macbeth opens the season in Sydney from March 1. Logie Award winner Hazem Shammas stars as Macbeth in the production, which transports audiences back to the post-World War I 1920s. The story follows a journey of moral collapse in a dark moment, as we discover the darkest side of humanity. The season arrives in the capital from April 15 to 21 at the Canberra Theater Centre.

The second work that reinvents itself from the folio is lighter. the twelfth night is a romantic comedy that tells a story of unrequited love, hidden identities and shows us how to find the light in dark times. With music by ARIA award-winning artist Sarah Blasko, the show hits the Canberra Theater stage in mid-October next year.

For more information about the company or upcoming productions, visit

Information about China’s one-child policy

of this month stronger than fiction The screening gives viewers an intimate understanding of what life was like for daughters being born at the height of China’s one-child policy. Dendy will screen the documentary on October 16 and 21.

all about my sisters dives into the psychological damage that comes with decisions made when there are restrictions on the number of children a family can have, especially when one gender is seen as more desirable.

Director Wang Qiong’s parents were desperate for a child; When they found out they were expecting another daughter, they made decisions that continue to haunt the family. Filmed over the course of seven years, the documentary depicts the fractured family with unflinching honesty and raw emotional detail.

In the center is Jin, the daughter who was abandoned at birth. Viewers hear the story of her birth, a topic the family has been avoiding for many years, and learn about the toll she has taken on the family unit in the years since. The documentary highlights the universal desire to be loved and belong, with moments of vulnerability, heartbreak and joy.

Watch all about my sisters in Dendy, October 16 and 21;

Sabine Desrondaux, woman of letters2021 by Tony Sowersby.

People Portrait Winners Announced

The National Portrait Gallery has announced the winners of the 2022 People’s Choice Awards for this year’s awards season.

Take home $10,000 cash and 2022 title People’s Choice Award for 2022 Darling Portrait Award is Tony Sowersby with his portrait Sabine Desrondaux, Woman of Letters 2021. The colorful image captures Desrondaux working on his postie bike; she was one of the few people the artist interacted with during the pandemic lockdowns. Sowersby says the work is a tribute to the courage and determination of all those who kept the society going.

Luther Cora took out the People’s Choice Award for National Portrait Photography Award 2022 with his portrait Flora and Fauna, Giara: white cockatoo. The shocking photo is of the artist’s daughter, Giara, in a makeshift studio in her Gold Coast home, also captured during a lockdown. Cora, a Yugambeh/Bundalung man, says the image reflects his own thoughts on First Nations, and whether they are ‘still classified as flora and fauna’. Cora’s victory also earns her $5,000 in cash.

Find the portraits at the National Portrait Gallery through October 9;

Color and light in sight

Canberra Glassworks presents two exhibitions from October 5: Consuelo Cavaniglia and Hannah Gason’s Fix the Light.

Consuelo Cavaniglia’s eponymous exhibition has developed through a residency held at Glassworks throughout 2022. Exploring handmade glass for the first time, the artist has created the showcase in response to the installation’s Smokestack gallery. Colored glass sheets float in space to challenge our understanding of space and sight through an immersive experience.

Hannah Gason has been supported by artsACT for her most recent exhibition which continues her series of works exploring the use of light, color and pattern. The Canberra-based artist has created various wall and floor works, using lots of small flat tiles. Through careful arrangement, each unique piece has been arranged to create a sense of depth on a surface that appears to be in constant motion.

Dive into the Canberra Glassworks exhibitions until November 27;

Who owns your story?

ACT Hub and Chaika Theater Company present Donald Margulies’ collected stories at the ACT Hub, Kingston, from October 27 to November 12.

Margulies wrote collected stories after learning of a real-life plagiarism case brought against a novelist by a prominent poet. He came up with the idea of ​​examining the life of a professional writer and what happens when one writer shares his story with another. Is the story then only that of the first writer, or does it now belong to both?

The two female characters develop a strong bond as one mentors the other, with issues stemming from changing acclaim and professional status. Performed by the mother-daughter duo Karen and Natasha Vickery in this production, the play explores the struggle between two women who love each other.

See how events unfold in Collected Stories at ACT Hub, Kingston, October 27-November 12;

Queanbeyan Players present HMS Apron at The Q, Queanbeyan, from October 14 to 23. Image supplied.

Love docks at The Q

The community theater group Queanbeyan Players brings to life its third production of the year at The Q – Queanbeyan Performing Arts Center from October 14 to 23.

Gilbert & Sullivan’s HMS Apron either The girl who loved a sailor, is a comic opera that tells a love story on board a ship. The captain’s daughter, Josephine, has fallen in love with a sailor, something she wants to do; however, she is betrothed to a man, something her father wants. Mr. and his family come aboard to make sure the engagement goes through. From there, we see love stories that transcend rank and status.

The theater group has been entertaining people in our region for over 50 years, first forming in 1965. They are proud to have members of all backgrounds, ages, and all levels of experience on board as they deliver musical productions. outstanding.

jump on board HMS Apron at The Q, Queanbeyan, from October 14 to 23;

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