The 5 best characters of the Netflix series

All 10 episodes of Mike Flanagan’s new Netflix horror series the midnight club, the teenagers who stay at Brightcliffe Hospice show off their memorable and layered personalities. While Illonka (Iman Benson) is the main character who learns about this place and tells her adoptive father that she wants to stay there, there are a lot of great characters here, from the young adults dealing with matters of life and death to the adults who They try their best to help you.

the midnight club has some particularly fascinating characters that fans want to spend as much time with as possible, and these people are so honest about what they’re up against that it feels totally real.


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it was clear from the midnight club trailer that Iman Benson’s character Illonka is the focus of the series as she finds Brightcliffe and begins to stay there, meeting other teenagers who find themselves in the same tragic situation she finds herself in. Not much else is known, and by the time viewers are halfway through the first episode, they know that Illonka is a fantastic, well-crafted character.

Illonka is smart, sweet, and sees through the walls other people put up. Illonka is particularly compassionate towards her roommate Anya (Ruth Codd), who is tough and prickly but deep down, she is just as caring as everyone else at the hospice. All of Mike Flanagan’s Netflix series feature layered characters and fans get an idea of ​​who Illonka is right away. She is devastated that she won’t get a chance to go to college and is doing her best to unravel the mysteries of her new home while she lives as long as she can.

the midnight club has regular Flanagan clients, including Igby Rigney, who played Warren Flynn. by Rigney the midnight club The character, Kevin, is the sweetest and most caring person in Brightcliffe. Kevin welcomes Illonka with open arms and the two begin to notice strange things happening in the middle of the night, though Kevin is more hesitant to admit that the supernatural could be at play.

Midnight mass is a dark show about faith, and the midnight club it’s too much. Some young characters are more hopeful than others, and each has a way of coping with the terrible hand that has been dealt to them. Kevin admits to his friends that he is tired of the person his mother, brother and girlfriend think he is. He knows that he is not a perfect student/friend/family member/boyfriend and just wants space and room to grow and be himself.

Zach Gilford starred Midnight mass as Warren’s older brother, Riley Flynn, the protagonist who has a horrible personal tragedy and returns home to Crockett Island. Despite the midnight club is a great teen horror TV show, adult characters like Gilford’s Mark and Heather Langenkamp’s Dr. Georgina Stanton stand out as well. Mark takes care of teenagers and also works as a nurse, drawing blood and helping children when they are going through difficult times.

Mark has a particularly memorable and empathetic scene when he tells Spence that his parents weren’t supportive of him when he spoke to them, which is helpful for Spence to hear since he has AIDS and is struggling with the terrible ways people judge him. This show is a highly anticipated release from Netflix in October 2022 and it delivers, as Mark is just as complicated yet lovable as many other Flanagan characters.

Chris Spencer calls himself Spence (William Chris Sumpter) and has a heartbreaking story, as he has AIDS and his mother doesn’t visit him. Every time his dad comes over for Family Day, his dad says his mom has “the colds,” and Spence feels isolated and abandoned. Watching Mark try to help Spence is one of the most emotional scenes on the show.

Mike Flanagan is adapting an Edgar Allen Poe story below and The fall of the House of Usher will definitely have the same emotional tone and detailed characters as the midnight club. Spence is smart, kind and strong, and it’s hard to see how lonely he feels. Spence also gets points for telling a funny ghost story with too many scares, for which he is made fun of by the others.

Samantha Sloyan previously played the religious Bev Keane in the Netflix horror series. Midnight mass and his character in the midnight club it’s just as fascinating. Sloyan plays Shasta, a woman Illonka continually runs into in the woods near Brightcliffe. Shasta explains that she lives near her and that she also loves spending time in nature. When Illonka sees Shasta again, Shasta gives her some free natural products and it turns out that she Shasta owns a clean beauty company that Illonka is already a fan of.

There is definitely more to Shasta’s story and the fact that she is surrounded by so much mystery makes her a fascinating character who is an important part of the horror series. It’s easy to want to keep watching and see what Illonka discovers about Shasta next.

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