The Brave Ones is a great representation of South Africa

The following contains spoilers for The Brave Ones Season 1, Episodes 1-6, now streaming on Netflix.

the Braves is a Netflix supernatural drama series from Akin Omotoso set in South Africa that tells a unique story steeped in the country’s culture and mythology. the Braves is one of the few Netflix properties produced in South Africa, with series such as queen sound, blood and water Y Shade all demonstrating the potential of the country’s television industry.

The series begins by telling the legend of the Tree of Life, the source of all magic that connects the three worlds of the unborn, the living, and the dead. In ancient times, The Brave Ones were created to protect the tree from humanity’s greed. In present-day Johannesburg, Ntsiki (Sthandile Nkosi) tries to put her past as a thief behind her, and her sister Funeka (Keke Mphuthi) fights developers with the help of her boyfriend Nkosi (Bonko Khoza), who want to evict people from the city. land to build a casino. After witnessing her sister’s death and being killed herself, she is reborn, awakens to her powers and must now embrace her destiny if she is to protect her loved ones.

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The Brave Ones explores the lived realities of South Africans

After Funeka dies in Season 1 Episode 1, Ntsiki finds herself lost and unsure of what to do with herself. She wants to hunt down those responsible for her death, but she also begins to have strange visions and exhibits powers of levitation. The realities of her daily life also lead her to navigate complicated family relationships, corrupt government officials and real estate developers who will do anything to ensure that the evictions continue. Choosing to place these issues within the context of the country, and in doing so, offers a glimpse into the lived experiences of many South Africans.

This is portrayed through Ntsiki, who lives in an informal settlement, and Ayanda, her reluctant enemy and mother of a dying child who lives in the lap of luxury. Their two lives are separated by wealth and accessibility, but are brought together through magic. Supernatural elements are then firmly embedded in these realities and act as a metaphor for the destruction of community, land, and culture due to modernity. Through this, he pays attention to government corruption and how poor people are viewed and treated. While this series highlights the issues facing the country, it also acknowledges the diversity of its culture and people.

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The Braves Ones highlights the myth and legend of South Africa

When it comes to the pantheon of gods, Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythology have been explored in depth through various shows and movies. Marvel’s Phase Four, for example, has recently dipped into the world of gods and spirituality, with moon knight firmly establishing the Egyptian gods in the universe and Thor: love and thunder featuring several more gods, including the Greek deity himself, Zeus. Then there are the Eternals, alien entities that humans mistook for gods. By comparison, African myths and legends have their own pantheon of gods that have existed within literature or were passed down as stories from generation to generation.

Now they are finally getting the recognition they deserve with the Braves. To keep it distinctively South African, the cast is incredibly diverse and includes local actors, helping to tell the story from a local perspective. They also switch between English and some of South Africa’s 11 official languages, providing further exposure to the country’s culture. Weather the Braves it has some issues regarding pacing and some unnecessary scenes, it still tells an important story that opens the doors to more African content to explore the mythology of the entire continent.

The Brave Ones is now streaming on Netflix.

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