‘The Final Score’: Andrés Escobar’s Netflix series premieres in November 2022

netflix series final score

The Final Score – Picture: Netflix

the final score (known as Goals against in Spanish-speaking regions) is headed to Netflix in early November 2022.

The show was first announced in development in April 2021 along with eight other Colombian shows showcasing Netflix’s continued investment in local programming for the region. Other shows announced included the launch Pálpito, Diomedes, Juanpis, Y Fake profile.

This is how Netflix announced the new series:

“… as we know that soccer is religion in Colombia, this year we will begin production on Goles Contra, a scripted miniseries about the complicated relationship between Colombian soccer and drug trafficking, created by Pablo González and Camilo Prince (Historia de un Crimen: Colmenares, The Robbery of the Century).”

According to Netflix, here’s what you can expect from the 6-episode series:

“Based on the Andrés Escobar murder case, this series explores the complex link between professional soccer and drug cartels during the 1980s and 1990s in Colombia.”

For those who don’t know the story of Andres Escobar, he is a famous Colombian soccer player who was sadly murdered after the 1994 FIFA World Cup as “retaliation” for scoring an own goal.

The series is being produced by Dynamo, a production company that has worked on a host of Netflix originals in the past, including the hit Netflix series. drug traffickers, club of ravens, the big heist, Y Pedal to Metal.

The series is rated TV-MA in the United States for having strong language, nudity, and smoking.

Netflix Latin America provided us with preliminary images of the new series on September 28 and announced the Netflix release date for the series, which will be November 2, 2022. All Netflix regions are expected to receive the final scorealthough pages for the program do not exist in all regions at the time of publication.

A teaser has also been released on Netflix’s Latin American YouTube channel. If you speak English, you’ll want to watch the trailer on Netflix’s website, since it has English dubs and subtitle options.

the final score andres escobar

The Final Score – Picture: Netflix

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